Roblin (Eastern Ontario, K0K 2W0)
  1. Forest Mills Your Host(s): Hart's Garage Roblin, Phone: (613) 388-2276 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 125. In Richmond T., Lennox & Addington C. on the Salmon R. and C. Rd. 12, 14 km NW of Napanee.
  2. Roblin Your Host(s): Roblin Wesleyan Church, Phone: (613) 388-2518 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 149. In the United Cs. of Lennox and Addington, on the Salmon R. and C. Rds. 6 & 41, 18 km. NW of Napanee.
  3. Tweed Nail Spa Your Host(s): Darlene Kimmerly, Phone: (613) 885-5056 Leave a Public Review
I welcome you to my 'Full Service Eesthetics/ Wellness' shop in the country only 25 min from Napanee
  4. Selby (Selby, 9km) Your Host(s): Village Green Nursing Home, Phone: (613) 388-2693 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 260. In Richmond T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on Sucker Cr. and C. Rds. 11 & 41, 43 km W of Kingston.
  5. C J Masonary (Marlbank, 8km) Phone: (613) 478-1387 Leave a Public Review
  6. Caseys Marlbank Restaurant (Marlbank, 8km) Phone: (613) 478-6467 Leave a Public Review
7. Marlbank Phoenix Tavern (Marlbank, 8km) Your Host(s): Dave and Jill, Phone: (613) 478-3337 Leave a Public Review
  8. Marlbank-Bethel Pentecostal Church (Marlbank, 8km) Phone: (613) 478-6055 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
  9. Muriel's Hairdressing & Charlotte's Tanning (Marlbank, 8km) Phone: (613) 478-2473 Leave a Public Review
  10. Phyloxia (Marlbank, 8km) Toll Free Phone: (877) 445-6942 FAX: (613) 478-5410 Leave a Public Review
  11. Royal Window & Sun Rooms (Marlbank, 8km) Phone: (613) 478-5135 Leave a Public Review
  12. St. Matthew's Anglican Church (Marlbank, 8km) Phone: (613) 478-5570 Leave a Public Review
13. Beaver Lake Convenience & More (Erinsville, 12km) Your Host(s): Asheena Moorsaleen, Phone: (613) 379-5062 Leave a Public Review
Welcome to Beaver Lake Convenience & More! We've got a little bit of everything you just might need. Stop by for food or ice cream!
  14. Erinsville (Erinsville, 12km) Your Host(s): Lakeview Tavern, Phone: (613) 379-5550 Public Reviews (3) Leave a Public Review
Pop. 98. In Lennox & Addington Cs. at the SW end of Beaver L. and C. Rd. 41,1 km N of C. Rd. 13,28 km NW of Napanee.
  15. John's Taxidermy (Erinsville, 12km) Your Host(s): John Murphy, Phone: (613) 530-7975 Leave a Public Review
16. Marshall Automotive (Erinsville, 12km) Your Host(s): Steve Marshall, Phone: (613) 379-5818 FAX: (613) 379-3023 Leave a Public Review
General Automotive Repairs
17. Robert Storring, FRI, Broker, C21 Lanthorn (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Robert Storring, Phone: (613) 379-2903 FAX: (613) 354-2944 Leave a Public Review
Located in the heart of Lennox and Addington County, Tamworth area enables you to live on the edge of nature and yet be within comfortable commuting , 20-30 minutes of Napanee, Kingston & Belleville. The entire area offers a picturesque rural setting.
  18. Tamworth (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Tamworth, Phone: (613) 379-2217 Leave a Public Review
Pop. 731. In Sheffield T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on the Salmon R. and C. Rds. 4 & 15,62 km NW of Kingston.
19. Tamworth Pro Hardware (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Kulwant Guron (Soney) and Kam Singh, Phone: (613) 379-1064 FAX: (613) 379-1064 Leave a Public Review
20. The A-One Corner Restaurant and Variety Take-Out or Eat-In (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Kulwant Guron (Soney) and Kam Singh, Phone: (613) 379-2202 Leave a Public Review
21. The Regal Beagle 'UNLEASHED' Kennel (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Dalton Cowper, Phone: (613) 379-1101 Leave a Public Review
As dog owners, we understand how important it is to you that your dog has a positive and happy experience when away from home.
22. The River Bakery in Tamworth (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Dalton Cowper and Beverly Frazer, Phone: (613) 379-2972 FAX: (613) 379-2972 Public Reviews (6) Leave a Public Review
We are proud to serve you SLOW FOOD. Organics, local naturally raised meats - SLOW FOOD made with care. Our lunches and vegetarian meals are delicious and filling.
23. Vanness Automotive (Tamworth, 12km) Your Host(s): Randy, Phone: (613) 379-5287 Leave a Public Review
A complete line of moving supplies for the do-it-yourself mover in Tamworth, ON. U-Haul moving boxes are specifically designed to make packing and loading easier.
24. Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves (Centreville, 10km) Your Host(s): Ron and Evelyn Storring, Phone: (613) 388-2284 Public Reviews (13) Leave a Public Review
Visit the Devil's Horsestable Cave. Descend 7.5 metres to the depths of the Hell Hole that widens into a cavern approx. 2.5 X 3.5 metres. (FLASHLIGHT REQUIRED)
25. Township of Stone Mills (Lower Tier Lennox and Addington) (Centreville, 10km) Phone: (613) 378-2475 FAX: (613) 378-0033 Leave a Public Review
  26. Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board (Napanee, 16km) Phone: (613) 354-2255 Leave a Public Review
27. Allan MacPherson House (Country Roads) (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Sandra Penny, Phone: (613) 354-5982 Leave a Public Review
This restored home of one of Napanee's most prominent early families was built in 1826 and John A. Macdonald was a frequent visitor.
28. County of Lennox and Addington (Upper Tier Lennox and Addington) (Napanee, 16km) Phone: (613) 354-4883 Leave a Public Review
THIS PAGE COURTESY OF ONTARIO RURAL ROUTES. In the Land O'Lakes tourist region. Hundreds of lakes draining five river systems make for great fishing (winter and summer), boating, swimming, and canoeing.
  29. Fox Motor Inn (Napanee, 16km) Phone: (613) 354-3855 Leave a Public Review
  30. Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington (KFL&A) Public Health (Napanee, 16km) Phone: (613) 354-3357 FAX: (613) 354-6267 Leave a Public Review
Cloyne KFL&A Public Health P.O. Box 59 14209 Highway 41
  31. LARC – Bath School Age Program (Napanee, 16km) Phone: (613) 354-6318 FAX: (613) 354-1293 Leave a Public Review
32. Masterson's Motel (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Harry, Phone: (613) 354-9392 FAX: (613) 354-7664 Leave a Public Review
Free breakfast
33. Napanee Fair (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Carol McKinley Secretary/Treasurer, Phone: (613) 354-5264 FAX: (613) 384-5418 Leave a Public Review
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
34. RV Farm (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Ron and Vicki Foster, Phone: (613) 354-1452 FAX: (613) 354-0208 Leave a Public Review
35. Sillsville (Historical Post Office) (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Napanee, Phone: (613) 354-3711 Leave a Public Review
36. The L&A County Museum and Archives (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Jane Foster, Phone: (613) 354-3027 FAX: (613) 354-1005 Leave a Public Review
Begin your discovery of the history, beauty and romance of one of Ontario's oldest settled counties at the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives.
37. Town of Greater Napanee (Lower Tier Lennox and Addington) (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Canada Post Napanee, Phone: (613) 354-6601 Leave a Public Review
From stately old homes, modern bungalows, condominiums and apartments to farm houses, cottages and campgrounds, Greater Napanee has accommodation to suit every need.
38. Twin Peaks Motel (Napanee, 16km) Your Host(s): Nisar Palijo, Phone: (613) 354-4066 FAX: (613) 354-4434 Leave a Public Review
A Napanee Ontario Motel and Hotel conveniently located west of downtown Napanee and lodging near Kingston Ontario. 16 newly renovated rooms ready to serve you. Enjoy the bustling small town shopping atmosphere of Napanee.
39. Abrams Bakery (Newburgh, 13km) Your Host(s): Trever and Donna, Phone: (613) 378-6974 Public Reviews (1) Leave a Public Review
40. Hilltop Variety & Gas (Newburgh, 13km) Your Host(s): Guri, Phone: (613) 378-0185 FAX: (613) 378-1549 Leave a Public Review
Beer Store and LCBO Agency Store