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Whitedog (Northern Ontario, P0X 1P0)
  1. Whitedog Phone: (807) 224-4531
Pop. 831. In Kenora-Rainy River Dist. on Tetu L. off Hwy 525, 50 km NW of Kenora. The post office was established in 1957 as Whitedog Falls but closed the following year. In 1961 it was reopened as Whitedog. The origin of the name is not known.
  2. Minaki (Minaki, 25km) Phone: (807) 224-3471
Pop. 228. In Kenora Dist. on Sand L. (a widening of the Winnipeg R.) and Hwy 596, 51 km. NW of Kenora.
  3. Keewatin (Keewatin, 49km) Phone: (807) 547-2960
Pop. 1,986. In Pellat T., Kenora Dist., on the N shore of Lake of the Woods and Hwy 17, 5 km W of Kenora.
  4. Ophir (Keewatin, 49km) Phone: (807) 547-2960
Pop. 15. In Aberdeen T., Algoma Dist. on Hwys 638 & 670, 40 km. SE of Sault Ste. Marie. Ophir T. in Cochrane Dist., named after the Ophir Gold Mine, may have inspired the name of this community.
  5. Kejick (Kejick, 59km) Phone: (807) 733-3169
Pop. 271. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of Shoal L. on Hwy 673, 14 km S of Hwy 17, 49 km W of Kenora.
  6. Redditt (Redditt, 42km) Phone: (807) 225-2441
Pop. 157. In Redditt T., Kenora Dist. on the CNR and Hwy 658, 30 km. NE of Kenora.
  7. City of Kenora (Kenora, 51km) Phone: (807) 468-8869
Pop. 9,488. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of Lake of the Woods on Hwys 17 & 658, 52 km E of the Manitoba border.
  8. Ingolf (Kenora, 51km) Phone: (807) 468-8869
Pop. 7. In Gundy T., Kenora Dist. on the CPR but accessible by road only from Manitoba on secondary highway 312, 58 km. NW of Kenora.
  9. Jaffray Melick (Kenora, 51km) Phone: (807) 468-8869
Pop. 3,970. In the Dist. of Kenora, between Hwys 17 & 17 A, 3 km NE of Kenora.
  10. Kenora Exhibition (Kenora, 51km) Phone: (807) 543-2222
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  11. Malachi (Kenora, 51km) Phone: (807) 468-8869
Pop. 300. In Kenora Dist. on Canadian National Railway, 74 km. NW of Kenora. The post office was established in 1911. The history of the community and the origin of its name have not been recorded.


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