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Yarker (Eastern Ontario, K0K 3N0)
1. Quinn's Meats Ltd. Phone: (613) 377-6430 FAX: (613) 377-1520
All meat processed at Quinns is done under Ontario government inspection. We buy all of our livestock from local feedlots and farmers.
2. Waterfall Tea Room and Store Phone: (613) 377-1856
Welcome to beautiful Yarker!
3. Yarker Phone: (613) 377-1161
Pop. 581. In Camden T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on the Napanee R. and C. Rds. 1, 4, & 6, 26 km NW of Kingston.
  4. Centreville Fair Phone: (613) 378-0948
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  5. Colebrook Phone: (613) 377-1161
Pop. 204. In Camden T., Lennox & Addington Cs., on the Napanee R. and C. Rds. 5 and 6, 26 km NW of Kingston: The settlement was first known as Peters' Mills after Eli Peters who built a sawmill here in the early 1800s.
  6. Camden East (Camden East, 6km) Phone: (613) 378-2101
Pop. 306. In Camden T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on the Napanee R. and C. Rds. 1 & 4, 8 km NE of Napanee.
7. McCormicks Country Store (Camden East, 6km) Phone: (613) 378-2683 FAX: (613) 378-1061
Text updated Oct 13, 2013 FULL SERVICE ESSO DIESEL, Gas, Propane - 20 lbTanks
8. Burt's Greenhouses (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 386-3426 FAX: (613) 386-1211
Welcome to Burt's Greenhouses of Kingston area, Ontario, Canada. Growers of fine annuals, perennials and shrubs.
  9. Kingston Bouncy Castle Rentals (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 561-8772
10. Loyalist Township Offices (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 386-7351 FAX: (613) 386-3833
11. Odessa (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 386-3879
Pop. 1,162. In Ernestown T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on Millhaven Cr., and C. Rds. 2 & 4, just S of Hwy 401, 23 km. W of Kingston.
  12. Odessa Fair (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 386-3453
Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.
  13. Wilton (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 386-7314
Pop. 176. In Lennox & Addington C. on Wilton Cr., 1.5 Ion S of C. Rd. 18, 25 km. NW of Kingston.
14. Wilton Cheese Factory (Odessa, 11km) Phone: (613) 386-7314 FAX: (613) 386-1223
Aged Cheddar is our specialty.
15. Floral Lamps and Gifts (Country Roads) (Harrowsmith, 9km) Phone: (613) 376-3570 FAX: (613) 376-3570
I create unique lampshades decorated with pressed dried wildflowers, grasses and leaves. The designs come in a rainbow of colors and styles.
  16. Harrowsmith (Harrowsmith, 9km) Phone: (613) 372-2193
Pop. 696. In Portland T., Frontenac C. on C. Rds. 5 & 38, 15 km. NW of Kingston.
  17. Harrowsmith Bakery (Harrowsmith, 9km) Phone: (613) 372-5883
18. Wilton Creek Fabrics (Harrowsmith, 9km) Phone: (613) 372-1972
Wilton Creek Fabrics - Lessons and Design is a retail store offering fine fabrics, notions, Bernina sewing machines, classes and custom designs. We offer classes for quilts ( Thimbleberries Club Store), garments and home decor items.
  19. Abrams Bakery (Newburgh, 10km) Phone: (613) 378-6974
20. Hilltop Variety & Gas (Newburgh, 10km) Phone: (613) 378-0185 FAX: (613) 378-1549
Beer Store and LCBO Agency Store
21. Newburgh (Newburgh, 10km) Phone: (613) 378-0022
Pop. 657. In Camden East T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on the Napanee R., 11 km N of Napanee and C. Rds. 11, 17 & 27, 30 km NW of Kingston.
22. The Egg Basket Giftshop and Lunchroom (Newburgh, 10km) Phone: (613) 378-0407
The lunchroom is a great place to pitstop for picnic lunches. Take-out only from the menu above. Many places in Newburgh to stop and enjoy a lunch!
23. Hartington (Hartington, 11km) Phone: (613) 372-2524
Pop. 406. In Portland T., Frontenac C. on C. Rd. 38, 19 km. NW of Kingston.
24. Mom's Restaurant (Verona, 14km) Phone: (613) 374-2817
Eat-in or take out service for the Verona area. Full menu serving breakfast all day long.
  25. Moscow (Verona, 14km) Phone: (613) 374-2408
Pop. 65. In Lennox and Addington Cs. on C. Rd. 6, 27 km. NW of Kingston.
26. Verona (Verona, 14km) Phone: (613) 374-2408
Pop. 1,121. In Portland T., Frontenac C., on the Napanee R. and Hwy 38 between C. Rds. 7 & 19,40 km NW of Kingston.
  27. Centreville General Store & Take Out (Centreville, 11km) Phone: (613) 378-7332
28. Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves (Centreville, 11km) Phone: (613) 388-2284 FAX: (613) 388-2284
Visit the Devil's Horsestable Cave. Descend 7.5 metres to the depths of the Hell Hole that widens into a cavern approx. 2.5 X 3.5 metres. (FLASHLIGHT REQUIRED)
29. Township of Stone Mills (Centreville, 11km) Phone: (613) 378-2475 FAX: (613) 378-0033
  30. Enterprise (Enterprise, 13km) Phone: (613) 358-2058
Pop. 371. In Camden T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on C. Rd. 14, 35 km NW of Kingston.
31. Memory Lane Flowers & Gifts (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-6309 FAX: (613) 376-6309
Only local floral shop in the area , Now in our 16 th year of Service, located in the Historic Blacksmith shop (1800 circa) at 4400 George st Sydenham (across from RBC), We take pride in Our Florals, Our Workmanship and Our Customer Service
32. Mill Street Cafe and Gallery (Desert Lake Gardens) (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-1533
While we are strong advocates of a local, environmentally gentle way of eating, we also want to enjoy the best and most delicious foods.
33. Ronnie's Place Restaurant (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-1011
Offering a great casual menu and free delivery within the Sydenham area. Call about for remote deliveries!
34. Silverbrook Garden Centre and Silverbrook Antiques (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-7632
We are very busy planting beautiful things; opening date for 2014 Earth Day April 22.
  35. Sydenham (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-3431
Pop. 901. In Loughborough T., Frontenac C., at the SW tip of Sydenham L. on C. Rds. 5 & 19,32 km. N of Kingston.
36. Sydenham Landscape Products (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-3500
  37. Sydenham Landscape Products (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-3500
Gravel, Soil and Mulch
38. Township of South Frontenac (Sydenham, 14km) Toll Free Phone: (800) 559-5862 FAX: (613) 376-6657
39. Trousdales General Store est 1836 in Sydenham (Sydenham, 14km) Phone: (613) 376-7622
An authentic Canadian wonder. Trousdaleā€™s General Store, est 1836 in Sydenham.
  40. Westbrook (Westbrook, 17km) Phone: (613) 389-3733
Pop. 509. In Kingston T., Frontenac C., on C. Rd. 2, 11 km NW of Kingston. The community was first known as Slab City because the local mill produced fine slabs of wood for building early houses.


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