Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves

Phone : (613) 388-2284
Your Host(s) : Ron and Evelyn Storring

Centreville, ON (Nearby: Roblin, Selby, Tamworth, Marlbank, Erinsville)

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420 Barrett Road, Centreville, ON
Centreville, Ontario
K0K 1N0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

educational program for school tours Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups

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Tour Group Person Limit: 100

Driving Directions:
  • From Highway 401 Exit No. 579, 10.7 km North, turn right at Centreville Rd., continue 5.5 kms. following signs.

Business Hours:
  • Open weekends Victoria Day - Father's Day, 10 am to 5 pm; Daily Father's Day to Labour Day, 10 am to 5 pm. Weekends only after Labour Day, 10 am to 4 pm. Weekdays by appointment.

Description From Owner:
  • Visit the Devil's Horsestable Cave. Descend 7.5 metres to the depths of the Hell Hole that widens into a cavern approx. 2.5 X 3.5 metres. (FLASHLIGHT REQUIRED)
  • Cross a natural stone bridge. Adventure downward below the bridge and notice the atmosphere of a mini-like rain forest. This area is plentiful in small mammals.
  • Walk through a rugged criss-crossing gorge with over-hanging ledges, grottos, flowerpots, mushroom shaped rocks and sinkholes.
  • Enjoy a 3.2 km self-guided tour through a unique geological area of Eastern Ontario.
  • Step back in time to explore the rock formations that were created during the glacial period and see rare plants that have developed over the area. Visit our Log Cabin Snack Bar and Gift Shop.
  • Picnic and playground are available. Admission: Adults $7.00, Youths (5-15) $5.00, Children under 5: FREE.
  • Payment method; CASH ONLY
  • AND CAN ONLY BE VENTURED BY FOOT! (not stroller friendly)

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Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves, Phone : (613) 388-2284

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PMON99 on 22-Nov-20
(Unfortunately closed in 2020, but we enjoyed it in 2019) The staff were very friendly and helpful. The walk was pleasant and often scenic, with some picturesque spots. The cave itself is very impressive, and definitely worth checking out!

gingereden on 07-Dec-18
Nice affordable walking trail. Has the Hell Hole cave you climb down (headlamps needed) You can rent headlamps there but we opted to bring our own. Very scenic walk. Made for a nice day out.

Jay on 07-Aug-17
Bring the bug spray! But wow.... what an awesome walk through nature. Saw a deer, lots of squirrels, raccoon 'signs', etc. The whole family had a blast. Cannot wait to do it again. So clean, so fresh, so fun. If you have not been - do it!

Tara on 02-Jun-15
I took my 6 year old son and myself. It was such a great time. I have wanted to go for years but never did and we did this past weekend and plan on returning again shortly. Bug Spray a must and they do provide, but bring your own also. Telling everyone what a great time this was. Thank you!!

Jo Ann Neff on 07-Jul-14
I found this site to be quiteinformative. We have lived here in Centreville for over 15 years and have finally decided to take a look at your hell holes caverns. What I'm inquiring is whether you allow well trained adult dogs on leads on your trails. We breed Labrador Retrievers and are members of many clubs so we are very aware of the need and consideration for care and control of these dogs. It's just an inquiry into the possibility of whether you allow this. We will be visiting sometime in September. Thank you for your time. Jo Ann & Brian Neff [ just spoke with Evelyn...dogs are allowed but MUST be on a leash]

Elaine K. on 20-Dec-13
The hike itself is about an hour or so. It's 3.2km, so it depends how fast you hike and how much you like lingering over stuff. The hell hole itself is a 20 foot sinkhole with a tiny opening, accessible by ladder. Once inside, it's pretty small in there, and in my opinion, a little creepy. It's pretty much pitch black. You can rent flashlights for $1.50 or you can use your husband's crappy cell phone which doesn't actually emit much light, then end up using your fancy camera's flash assist which only lights up for 2 seconds, giving you the double anxiety of worrying about dropping it on the craggy rocks or flashing it once and seeing some sort of cave monster appear in that second. I think if we had prepared ourselves with a thick slathering of bug spray and brought... I don't know... WATER, we would have enjoyed the hike much more. Also, the screaming teenagers that were just ahead of us on the trail ruined the peacefulness a bit.

Irene on 14-Jul-12
Such an interesting landscape and well worth the trip we made from Ottawa to get there. We had a really fun hike and enjoyed a picnic in the shaded picnic area afterwards. The ample signage along the way made it easy to find from the 401. The gentleman running the place was so friendly. Canada really has some great places to visit. This is one of them! :)

Julie on 03-Jul-12
My husband and I saw Hell Holes on a map and knew we had to check it out. We had a fantastic afternoon exploring the trail, mini-putt, and the new Inukshuk! The owner is lovely and was always ready to help and chat. Don't forget your BUG SPRAY and FLASHLIGHT! You'll absolutely need them! Highly recommend this little rural gem.

Buttons on 08-Sep-11
We explored the Natural Stone Bridge, the Flower Pot Rocks, Pillar Rock and all the other incredible rock formations. The boys insisting on climbing every one, and exploring every hole. The Valley floor, a place once seen will never be forgotten, I could never describe its beauty in mere words. If you ever get a chance to go and visit this magical place do go, you will not be disappointed. Oh and before I forget, there is a 'Point of Interest' near the end that will amaze you; I will not spoil the surprise. http://ravenhush.blogspot.com/2011/09/exploring-hell-holes.html

Roger Murphy on 06-Sep-11
My wife, kids and I have taken the trek quite a few times. We enjoy many walking trails near Kingston. Our first experience here was cut short by the mosquitoes. When we go now, we go in the cooler weather, when the little biters are gone. The scenery is wonderful, one moment you are walking through the woods, the next you are climbing small rock hills. You can peek down over cliffs into a ravine and the next moment you are down there amongst the hundreds of tall cedar trees. I'm looking forward to the next trip!

Herman Family on 31-Aug-11
Fantastic! Great autumn day and beautiful hike with our family. The caves are awesome and great chance to cool off! I can't believe that this is a privately maintained site, you folks deserve a big ongrats on a job well done!! Thanks very much for a fantastic day.

Edith Lepage Crete on 08-Aug-10
Voici un endroit magnifique a visiter! La beaute du paysage est surprenante. Je ne croyais pas qu il etait possible qu un seul endroit contienne tant d accidents geographiques. Nous transporte dans un monde quasi feerique. Mon coin prefere fut ce qui est identifie comme 'la vallee'. Quel endroit de reve pour faire de magnifiques photos! Vraiment par moment, j avais l impression de visiter les scenes d'Harry Potter ou Lord Of The Ring. C est a en coupe de souffle!Attention aux moustiques!

M. L. Bell on 02-Aug-10
What an amazing place. If you love nature this is a must see. There is a picnic area so bring your lunch. Don't forget your Flashlight, Camera, good walking shoes and bug spray. If you have been there before, there is a new 'point of interest' this year.(An Inukshuk, approx. 15 feet high.) Any Photo Clubs would have a field day.

Jacques Rubacha on 04-Dec-09
A truly fascinating and mystical experience. The limestone landscape eroded by glacial runoff has carved out a fairytale wonderland.There are caves and sink holes and a deep ravine with 1oo foot limestone cliffs dottet with scalloped caves and rock formations supported by only slim columns.The quiet walk through the ravine was awe-inspiring,humbling,and reminded me of being in a magnificent cathedral only this one was natural with towering trees reaching for the sun. I found it to be a trully spiritual experience and will return to see it again with its fall colours.

Cathi Wallwork on 02-Sep-09
Our family made the trek there from our lovely camping spot at Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands. Absolutely beautiful, but we didn't notice it entirely as we were absolutely eaten alive by the mosquitoes of which I have never seen before. When they bit, they drew blood. We ran through the whole thing, trying to get away. Spray is offered at the beginning, but you should wear armor, netting, chain mail, and bottles of deet to keep those man-eaters away. Never witnessed anything like it. We have decided to brave it again next summer, this time with all the above mentioned........

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