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Town of Greater Napanee (Lower Tier Lennox and Addington)

Phone : (613) 354-6601
Toll Free Phone : (877) 354-6601
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Napanee, ON (Nearby: Selby, Deseronto, Newburgh, Roblin, Camden East)

  • The beautiful and picturesque Napanee
  • Town Hall
  • Thanks to Geoff Webster and Mary Belle Hambly
  • Thanks to Geoff Webster and Mary Belle Hambly
  • Voted one of Canada's top ten prettiest towns
  • The Loyalist Parkway

124 Centre St. N.
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 1N3

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

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Driving Directions:
  • Napanee is located between Belleville and Kingston very close to the 401 corridor in the eastern Ontario region.

Description From Owner:
  • From stately old homes, modern bungalows, condominiums and apartments to farm houses, cottages and campgrounds, Greater Napanee has accommodation to suit every need.
  • This was one of the first areas settled in Ontario and although a United Empire Loyalist pedigree is no longer required in local social circles, history is very close to the surface here.
  • Whether you are in industry, retail sales, or cottage-industry crafts, you can find your niche in Greater Napanee.
  • Macpherson House, where on other special occasions you can enjoy strawberry socials, lobster dinners, or wine tasting parties, is part of the heritage of Greater Napanee. John A. Macdonald often visited the house of his kinsman, Allan Macpherson.
  • Gibbard of Napanee, a long established local industry and Canada's oldest furniture manufacturer, supplies the highest quality solid mahogany and solid cherry furniture to customers throughout the world.
  • Goodyear, a major tire manufacturer, built its leading edge facility in the Greater Napanee area because of the abundance of land and services. Goodyear saw 'many intangible attributes that set Napanee apart from other communities'.
  • In 1785 the government commissioned a United Empire Loyalist from New York, Robert Clark, to build a mill at Appanea Falls on the Napanee R. then known as the Appanea R.
  • The mill was operated by government agent James Clark: and the place became known as Clarkville. In 1799 the mill was purchased by Kingston businessman Richard Cartwright, and the settlement was called Cartwrightville.
  • By 1812 the river and community were known as Napanee, a First Nations Peoples word for 'flour.'
  • The post office was established in 1820 as Napanee Mills but the 'Mills' was soon dropped.
  • The Macpherson House built prior to 1830 by Allan Macpherson, Napanee's frrst postmaster, is a fine example of late Georgian architecture and now houses the Lennox and Addington Historical Society.

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Town of Greater Napanee (Lower Tier Lennox and Addington), Phone : (613) 354-6601

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  • Napanee & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Napanee & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Napanee & District Chamber of Commerce

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