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Paul C. Portelli Hand Built Terra Cotta

Phone : (705) 696-3395
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page :
Outside Web Page :
Your Host(s) : Paul C. Portelli

Warkworth, ON (Nearby: Codrington, Castleton, Hastings, Campbellford, Roseneath)

  • Portelli Studio, Warkworth
  • Portelli Studio, Warkworth
  • Portelli Studio, Warkworth
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx
  • Photo Credits: Michel Proulx

5050 County Road 25 R.R.#3
Warkworth, Ontario
K0K 3K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible

[ We Accept Cash ] [ We Accept Visa ]

Tour Group Person Limit: 20

Driving Directions:
  • From 401, take either Hwy 45 (exit 474) north from Cobourg or Hwy 30 north from Brighton (exit 509) to County Rd 29. Approx. 15 km. east from Hwy 45 & Cty Rd 29, or 7 km.west from Hwy 30 & Cty Rd 29.

Business Hours:
  • Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am - 5 pm. Other times by chance or appointment

Description From Owner:
  • ARTIST STATEMENT: I am a professional full-time sculptor living and working in Warkworth, Ontario.
  • My most recent work is hand built (terra cotta) sculpture. Each piece is sculpted individually designed, created and finished entirely by myself. A press mold process is used for the greenman/jester series.
  • The faces only are pulled from original molds and then embellished individually with leaves, fruits and flowers. Each piece is one of a kind.
  • Figurative work is sculpted directly from the model in my Warkworth studio.
  • After the pieces have been fired they are given a cold wash finish of acrylic colours. Many of my works have been exhibited in public and private galleries and are held in private collections across North America and the United Kingdom.
  • My previous work included an unusual 18th century technique, Carton Pierre, a type of papier-mache that I employed. Using this technique I created life sized figurative sculptures combining textiles in a three-dimensional format.
  • After graduating in Fashion Arts from Seneca College I continued my studies in visual arts at the Ontario College of Art and Sir Sanford Fleming College (Haliburton School of the Arts).
  • I have facilitated residential and commercial/retail design and visual merchandising projects.
  • As the Event Coordinator for media launches I have catered to clients including the Royal Canadian Mint at Roy Thompson Hall, Proctor and Gamble, Microsoft, and Lindt Chocolates.
  • Photo credits for the above images to Michel Proulx.
  • I have written articles for many Canadian publications, such as Crafts Plus, Style and Men's Wear Canada. I make regular guest appearances on TV including CityLine (City TV), Savoir Faire and Craftscape.

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Paul C. Portelli Hand Built Terra Cotta, Phone : (705) 696-3395

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