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Lennox Generating Station

Phone : (613) 352-3525
Outside Web Page :

Bath, ON (Nearby: Napanee, Stella, Odessa, Newburgh, Camden East)

  • Parklands at the Lennox Generating Station
  • The 198 m. stacks at Lennox
  • Safety First at OPG

General Delivery
Bath, Ontario
K0H 1G0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

educational program for school tours

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Driving Directions:
  • Drive 15 minutes south of Napanee on Hwy 8 and watch for the 2 huge 198 m. chimneys.

Description From Owner:
  • OPG’s Lennox Generating Station (GS) located on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario near Bath has been a part of the community for 30 years.
  • To add to the quality of life in the community, the Lennox GS has supported more than 50 not-for-profit initiatives and 20 youth amateur sports initiatives in Lennox and Addinton County.
  • Lennox GS is also a strong supporter of the Lennox and Addington County General Hospital Foundation. Since 2002, Lennox GS has contributed to the hospital’s expansion campaign which has been a key community priority.
  • Enjoy a daytrip along the Adolphustown Reach and admire the parklands that contribute to the Amherst Island area of Lake Ontario.
  • Your community contact is Mike Kavanagh (613) 352-3525 ext. 5303

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Lennox Generating Station, Phone : (613) 352-3525

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