Briar Fox Golf & Country Club

Phone : (613) 396-2433
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Your Host(s) : Augusta James

Marysville, ON (Nearby: Deseronto, Shannonville, Selby, Napanee, Demorestville)

7415 Old Highway 2
Marysville, Ontario
K0K 2N0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

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  • 'Where Friends play' membership updates, tournaments, - up to date information on course events!!

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Briar Fox Golf & Country Club, Phone : (613) 396-2433

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Lexx White on 20-Jun-22
Had a great time playing today. Friendly staff, well priced and very good conditions. Greens were excellent, tee boxes easy to set up on and fairways were surprisingly good given how dry this year has been. Just challenging enough to make you think but not so hard that you want to pull your hair out. Definitely an experience worth repeating, and worth the drive from Ottawa.

Visitors to this page: 1,781     This record last updated: September 29, 2022

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  • Mount Pleasant, Napanee area, 6km
  • Greenpoint, 9km
  • Bethany, Deseronto area, 8km
  • Ebenezer, Napanee area, 10km
  • Albert, 10km
  • Cole Wharf, 10km
  • Melrose, Shannonville area, 8km
  • Milltown, 8km
  • Huff Wharf, 11km
  • Mount Carmel, Prince Edward County area, 11km
  • Watercombe, 12km
  • North Port, 11km
  • Bethesda, Picton area, 13km
  • Roblin Mills, 13km
  • Read, 12km
  • Shannonville, 10km
  • Forest Mills, 13km
  • Gretna, 11km
  • Hay Bay, 13km
  • Gosport, Hay Bay area, 14km
  • Pinegrove, Napanee area, 15km
  • Selby, 13km
  • South Napanee, 12km
  • Woodville, Hay Bay area, 16km
  • The Pines, 15km
  • Sharps Corners, 14km
  • Westplain, 17km
  • Grieves Corners, 16km
  • Blessington, 13km
  • Naphan, 17km
  • Roblindale, 17km
  • Myrehall, 16km
  • Lime Lake, 19km
  • Roblin, 18km
  • Hayburn, 15km
  • Elmbrook, 19km
  • Dorland, Kingston area, 18km
  • Anderson, Napanee area, 15km
  • Glenora, 21km
  • Adolphustown, 20km
  • Lake on the Mountain, 21km
  • Thurlow, 16km
  • Point Anne, 17km
  • Bethel, Picton area, 21km
  • Halston, 18km
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