Glover's Farm Market (OFFMA)

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Your Host(s) : Robert and Denise Glover

Warkworth, ON (Nearby: Codrington, Campbellford, Wooler, Castleton, Hastings)

  • Across from the Warkworth Golf Club
  • Unique Gifts and Crafts
  • Mouth-watering Cinnamon Buns
  • Quilts and Such
  • Local produce...maple syrup, honey, jams
  • Fresh Strawberries!
  • Our newly expanded store in 2004
  • Our newly expanded store in 2004
  • Welcome to Warkworth!
  • Fresh Pies from Denise!
  • Trent Hills Famous Meat Pies made with Black Angus beef!

14260 County Rd. 29
Warkworth, Ontario
K0K 3K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. pies, tarts, bread, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc.

[ We Accept Cash ] [ We Accept Gift Certificates ] [ We Accept Visa ] [ We Accept Mastercard ] [ We Accept Debit Payment ]

Tour Group Person Limit: 50

Driving Directions:
  • Exit 509 on the 401, drive north on Hwy 30 until Hwy 29. Then drive west towards Warkworth; follow signs.

Business Hours:
  • Open Year Round ...9 A.M. to 5 P.M. DAILY. (Yes, we are open 7 DAYS A WEEK!)

Description From Owner:
  • 100,000 Meat Pies Sold and enjoyed (as of February 11, 2021)! Don't forget our web moniker
  • 'NEW HOME OF THE WARKWORTH CHEESE HOUSE': Maple Dale and Empire Cheese available. Laver's Eggs and Stirling Butter.
  • Market across from the Warkworth Golf Club. Our own Asparagus (available in May), Our Own Strawberries (available in June). Call for up to date picking information at 14260 County Rd. 29.
  • Hydroponic tomatoes from Casteels Greenhouses, Centreton (May through December); Sweet Corn, potatoes, jams, honey, maple syrup, Mennonite pickles and preserves, pickled garlic, mushrooms and asparagus, home baking (pies, tarts, bread).
  • Glover's Own Black Angus beef by the piece or by the side. Local Lamb.
  • Maple Lodge Chicken ...6 freezers full of convenience foods( ie veggies, fruit, entrees, etc.).
  • Pine Furniture, Jam cupboards, dry sinks, quilt racks, book cases, pantry cupboards, benches, cathedral mirrors and more. Ideal wedding gifts.
  • Quilts of various sizes and colours.
  • Hand-made knitted sweaters, socks, mitts, and scarves.
  • Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Gourds, decorative mini straw bales available in September.
  • Various Fruits and Vegetables available in season. Come in to check out our selection!
  • Home Baking: Pies, bread, date squares, brownies, cookies, turnovers, apple blossoms, and more!
  • New for 2012! Just in time for the BBQ Season - Beef Kabobs - Contact us to find out about availability!
  • Ontario Made and Produced: Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Sparkling Cider, Horseradish, Local Maple Syrup, Local Unpasturized Honey.
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  • New Addition is Now Open! Enjoy Tea, Coffee, and desserts in our newly renovated seating area. Open daily.
  • Now Serving Soups Daily!

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Glover's Farm Market (OFFMA), Phone : (705) 924-3640

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Patricia B on 18-Jul-22
We love this stop and store! Last time we were there we bought the scallops. They were to die for. Their tourtiere was really good too.

Diane Shirley Mary on 08-Jul-21
I love Glovers and visit there often since they are neighbours it makes it so convenient..this morning I had a tomato sandwich on homemade bread from there and it was delicious ...everyone should visit they will be life long customers

cathie mckinnon on 22-Nov-20
A great place for fresh veggies and great, sweet corn. But doesn't stop there. Beautiful quilts, jewellery, fresh baked goods, fresh meat from their farm, clothes and knic knacks. A great place to browse and shop. Saw a cool cloud when pulled up but no rain.very friendly place to be.

Susan Paige Armstrong on 06-Mar-20
Good parking, warm ambiance. Reasonable prices....our home is so full of their quilts, furniture and decor we look like the Glovers market! The clothing, hats , scarves and food supplies are a treat too! Try the carrot cake....the best...add beautiful jewellery!

Wendy Duffus on 03-Jul-18
Yesterday I drove to Hastings to visit with a friend who suggested we have lunch at Glover's. She had driven past a number of times but had never gone in so this was a perfect time to check things out. We loved the dining room and our cold plate lunches. The carrot cake was amazing. After lunch we wandered the other side and couldn't believe the range of products! Foodstuffs, frozen foods, hand made soap, quilts, kids' ride'em toys, lots of plush animals (I bought a little giraffe for my new grandson) - so many great things. I first asked if they are open year round and when told they were, I then asked if they brought in lots of things for Christmas. I was assured they sure do. I cannot wait! My friend and I are definitely coming back! Since yesterday, I have told my sister about Glover's and she wants to go too. What a great find! What a gem!

Bob & Anne Frost on 20-Jul-11
What a treasure we discovered when we moved to Warkworth! Incredible beef, pies, pickles, cheese, and all sorts of goodies.

Margaret Prendergast on 17-Apr-10
Just had a sausage for dinner that my husband brought from Glover's. How nice to eat a sausage that is lean, tasty and has no nitrates etc. I must admit though that I found it rather salty as I don't usually put salt in food (high blood pressure)

Elizabeth Tapp on 08-Apr-09
We have been visiting Glovers Market for years to buy their delicious pies, jams,chicken kiev, etc. I will often e-mail my order ahead and Denise will have it ready for us to pick up. It is worth a visit just to wander around the store and look at all the unique products, and home-made articles for sale.

  • Handknit Fair Isle Style Sweaters

  • Our Holiday Brochure

  • Fireplace
  • Desserts
  • Seating
  • Purses!
  • Coffee & Tea Now Available

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