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Lakeshore Farms (OFFMA)

Phone : (613) 399-1733
Phone : (613) 969-2497
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page :
Outside Web Page :
Your Host(s) : Channell, Wayne and Tim

Wellington, ON (Nearby: Hillier, Bloomfield, Ameliasburg, Consecon, Demorestville)

467 Main St., RR#1
Wellington, Ontario
K0K 3L0

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible pies, tarts, bread, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

[ We Accept Cash ] [ We Accept Gift Certificates ] [ We Accept Visa ] [ We Accept Mastercard ] [ We Accept American Express ] [ We Accept Debit Payment ]

Tour Group Person Limit: 45

Driving Directions:
  • From Hwy 401, go south on Wooler Road to Hwy 33. Turn right or east and proceed to the town of Wellington. Follow signs to the farm.

Business Hours:
  • Open daily 8am - 6 pm. 7 days a week

Description From Owner:
  • Located just west of the classic Loyalist village known as Wellington.
  • Giftstore offering crafts from local artisans, bakery, maple syrup, honey, apple cider.
  • U-pick strawberries, Sweet Corn, Potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkins available.

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Lakeshore Farms (OFFMA), Phone : (613) 399-1733

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Michelle Chiunti on 25-Jul-23
If you are traveling along the Loyalist Parkway through Prince Edward County, I would highly recommend a stop for fresh vegetables, and goodies from this local market in Wellington. This past weekend we stopped for sweet corn that was the best we have ever had!! It was easy to load up with many other items that were equally fantastic and reasonably priced.

Lesley-Anne Chipman on 18-Jul-22
Great customer service! We had an issue with an item we bought. They responded to us quickly and went out of their way to try to rectify the situation. We love their donuts & lemon tarts especially.

Alexandra P on 10-Aug-21
I love Lakeshore Market. I now have a place around the corner and we pop in frequently. Favs so far are the donuts (obviously!), the chocolate/caramel popcorn (so fresh and delicious) and the banana and carrot loafs. The burgers and bacon are great staples too. And of course the fresh fruits (just picked up their fresh strawberries & raspberries) We’ve also bought their frozen goodies as well (so much variety!). I just wish they made them in house, as that would make it a teeny bit more special. Nonetheless, we will keep coming back!

Elhgyne A. on 22-Nov-20
A great stop for dessert! Lots of flavors for kawartha ice cream and hugeee serving! Staff are amazing and friendly too! Buy produce and bread and donuts and other essentials. Once stop shop!

Kim Mathieu on 04-Aug-20
We discovered this great market while using the Terego network for RV's. We had a great experience shopping here, with loads of local produce and delicious house-made donuts! We also bought some honey and had a lovely interaction with the employees working the stand. All around gem!

Angela on 12-May-19
Amazing products! We especially love the quiche which we stock up on every time we visit. The doughnuts are the best! A must visit if you are in the county.

Mary Meadows on 27-May-16
Good afternoon: If you are heading to Prince Edward County this summer do not miss a stop at Lakeshore Farm Market on Hwy 33 at the west end of Wellington. You will love their HOMEMADE sugar or plain donuts!! They have the best frozen ham and cheese quiche. It is absolutely the best I have eaten. Bought some last week and again today. I recommend the quiche to anyone for a breakfast, brunch or just a late snack. They are a nice size and come 2 to a package. Homemade breads and buns are also very good. This is a Foodland Ontario site. Hope you see you in the County!!

Aidan McPeake on 05-Aug-14
BEST DOUGHNUTS EVER! I don't know what this place does so differently and I know the store wasn't build to sell doughnuts but holy cow! By FAR the best I have ever had!!!!!!

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