The Lass and Ladle

Phone : (905) 349-0344
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Your Host(s) : Terry Carruthers

Grafton, ON (Nearby: Baltimore, Castleton, Colborne, Cobourg, Roseneath)

10831 County Rd. 2
Grafton, Ontario
K0K 2G0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

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  • •Kitchen •Fine Foods •Provisions •Takeout •Coffee •Baked Goods

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The Lass and Ladle, Phone : (905) 349-0344

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Britney Hope on 10-May-22
These folx truly know how to make a burger - the quality and makeup of it was as good as anything you'd get in Toronto. Generous patties, fresh fresh toppings, gooey cheese and a perfectly soft bun. Fries also really fantastic and crispy. Completely exceeded our expectations for a rural lunch stop on the road, and totally made our day. Also pleasantly surprised to go inside and find really nice selection of cheeses, charcuterie and flaky croissants. Anyone coming through on highway 2 would be remiss to pass this little gem up in favour of something in Cobourg or the County.

Mike Allan on 12-Oct-21
Lass & Ladle recently catered a rehearsal dinner for us. We weren’t just satisfied, we were amazed. The food was delicious and interesting and even looked after vegetarians too. The presentations were fresh and fun. The service was excellent. The groom and bride-to-be and all the guests were so surprised that we had such an amazing caterer right here in Grafton. Everything was better than we hoped for, and good value too. Highly, highly recommended.

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