Marmora Spa and Nails

Phone : (613) 922-5726
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Your Host(s) : Jodie Read

Marmora, ON (Nearby: Springbrook, Eldorado, Havelock, Trent River, Campbellford)

4 Forsyth St.
Marmora, Ontario
K0K 2M0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Manicures / Pedicures
  • Massage / Facials
  • Body Treatments
  • Eyelash / Brow Tinting
  • Waxing (Head to Toe)
  • Gelish / Shellac

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Teresa Robbins on 05-Oct-21
Jodie is absolutely FANTASTIC! I go to Marmora Spa and nails for pedicures and facials. I have been to many other spas but I have to say the services offered here are by far superior! Have a facial, I promise you will not be disappointed! Best I have ever experienced. Thank you Jodie for making me feel like a million everytime I visit!

Brenda Ransom on 30-Aug-21
Moved to marmora n was asking to find place get mani pedi waxing done my neighbour says u won't be disappointed n boy she was not wrong I needed to get done for nephews wedding n and walked out feeling like million bucks thanks so much will see u soon

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  • Bonarlaw, 8km
  • Blairton, 7km
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  • Rylstone, 10km
  • Freeman Corners, 8km
  • Spring Brook, 11km
  • Shanick, 12km
  • Malone, 11km
  • Cordova Mines, 10km
  • Stanwood, 11km
  • Crowe Bridge, 13km
  • Rockdale, Marmora area, 10km
  • Chase Corners, 10km
  • Blairton Station, 11km
  • Preneveau, 12km
  • Pethericks Corners, 15km
  • Ashby Mill, 11km
  • Healey Falls, 14km
  • Wellman, 16km
  • Kellers, 15km
  • Woodland, Havelock area, 15km
  • Burnbrae, 18km
  • Menie, 19km
  • Sine, 18km
  • Minto, Stirling area, 17km
  • Mount Pleasant, Stirling area, 20km
  • Hoards, 21km
  • Connellys, 18km
  • Vansickle, 18km
  • Fox Corners, 18km
  • Keller Bridge, 19km
  • Anson, 22km
  • Round Lake, 17km
  • Trent River, 18km
  • Bannockburn, 21km
  • Green Acres, 23km
  • Rush Point, 17km
  • English Line, 23km
  • Millbridge, 24km
  • White Lake, Madoc area, 18km
  • Ivanhoe Station, 19km
  • German Landing, 25km
  • Hazzards Corners, 19km
  • Ivanhoe, 20km
  • Stirling, 23km
  • West Corners, 23km
  • Oak Lake, Havelock area, 21km
  • Glen Ross, 25km
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