Rosseau Fair (Rosseau Agricultural Society)

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Seguin, ON (Nearby: Rosseau, Minett, Windermere, Port Sandfield, Port Carling)

  • Log Sawing Competition Rosseau Fall Fair
  • Homecraft Exhibits Rosseau Fall Fair
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7 Ash St N.,
Seguin, Ontario
P0C 1J0

Ontario Tourism Region : Muskoka, Parry Sound and Algonquin Park

Wheelchair accessible

[ We Accept Cash ]

Driving Directions:
  • From Highway 141, turn south on Highway 632 one block to Ash Street. Fair is on corner of Ash St and Hwy 632.

Business Hours:
  • Saturday August 25th, 2012 - 10 am to 4pm

Description From Owner:
  • The Rosseau Fall Fair strives to keep the old-fashioned flavour of a traditional fair with opportunities for family fun.
  • A traditional parade through the village marks the opening of the fair staring at 10am
  • Events and attractions have included a decorated bicycle contest, log sawing, nail driving, fish pond, dunk tank, tug of war, dart and dime toss, running races and the ever-popular frog jumping contest.
  • While fair vendors sell their wares, the 3rd Change Band provides musical entertainment for everyone to enjoy.
  • Lunch is available for purchase. The HomeCraft silent auction table offers an abundance of homemade goods.
  • The fair closes with the awarding of the trophies and prizes just before 4 pm.

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Rosseau Fair (Rosseau Agricultural Society), Phone : (705) 732-1664

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