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The Bleasdell Boulder

Phone : (613) 394-4829
Fax : (613) 394-5226
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Your Host(s) : Lower Trent Conservation

Trenton, ON (Nearby: Batawa, Astra, Frankford, Carrying Place, Wooler)

  • Paul & Maria Heissler at official opening
  • Location
  • Map of the site
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Glen Miller
Trenton, Ontario
K8V 5P4

Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

educational program for school tours can accommodate tour groups school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

[ We Accept Cash ]

Tour Group Person Limit: 100

Driving Directions:
  • Exit 525 at Hwy 33 (Trenton)and drive 2.5 km. north. Watch for sign.

Business Hours:
  • Accessible year round(donations accepted at the site).

Description From Owner:
  • The Bleasdell Boulder is accessible thanks to the initiative of Paul and Maria Heissler who purchased the site, and then established a corporation to oversee the development of the natural heritage site for recreation and education.
  • The boulder is believed to be the largest glacial erratic in Ontario. It is a metamorphic rock originating from northeastern Ontario. It is 44 feet long, 24 feet wide, and 19 - 22 feet high.
  • In 1997, Paul and Maria Heissler purchased the property with the intent of making the 'Boulder' accessible to the public.
  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation donated $23,600 in 2003 to help the corporation preserve, promote and improve access to the Bleasdell Boulder. Funds have also enabled the organization to produce signs, booklets and educational materials.
  • They founded the Bleasdell Boulder Preservation Corporation to ensure the preservation of the site for future generations.
  • School programs are available on request for primary, junior and intermediate levels. Programs can be self-directed.
  • An interpretive guide is available to correspond to the numbered posts along the trails.
  • Members of the groups worked hard to establish trails, parking areas and interpretive signage. In 2005, ownership of the property was transferred to Lower Trent Conservation.
  • With new trail improvements, bridges and signage, Lower Trent Conservation remains committed to the Corporation's vision of providing public access to this very special place!
  • If you or your group would like to support the work being done at the Bleasdell Boulder property, the corporation has charitable status and can issue tax deductible receipts.

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The Bleasdell Boulder, Phone : (613) 394-4829

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Tyler Ledger on 21-Nov-20
A great little spot for short to long walks. Small loop suitable for strollers tagged you past the bleasdale Boulder, a large glacial erratic left from the last ice age. Nice little spots with benches great from taking a break from walking. I bring my dog here all the time (on leash) and she loves it's.

Joanne Bleasdell on 20-Oct-10
I have been meaning to get in touch for years and also come to visit the Bleasdell Boulder , but due to caring for my Parents, etc - never got the chance , (also forgot time after time) I am one of the last remaing Bleasdells from Rev.William Bleasdell. Betty Savich (believe you know of her)gave me a membership brochure years ago but never sent it.- now found it again ,so want to become a member and also want to enroll my 2 sisters and my daughter. Want to make sure what the fee is and proper address to send . I will send you a pic of the Bleasdell Crest from 1654(on my livingroom wall) Hope this reaches you and hear back . Sincerely, Joanne Bleasdell

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