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The concept of rural tourism involves agri, eco, cultural, adventure, community based, historical, wine, rural craft, festival, bird-watching, photography, educational, sports, campsite, etc.This turn-key database is the perfect home based business for anyone that wants to escape the urban rat race. Talk to us.

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Great Blue Resorts

Toll Free Phone : (877) 814-4141
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St. Catharines, ON (Nearby: Thorold, Allanburg, Fonthill, Niagara On The Lake, Port Robinson)

St. Catharines, Ontario
L2M 5V6

Ontario Tourism Region : Niagara Falls and Wine Country

Description From Owner:
  • Great Blue Resorts has emerged as a leader in the Cottage Resort Industry. Fourteen years ago, we realized the Canadian cottage dream was not feasible for all Canadians and was only available to the elite.
  • In 2008, we saw an opportunity to fill that gap by providing affordable family-friendly resorts in highly sought after Ontario Cottage regions.
  • What started with one resort, Woodland Estate Resort in The Kawarthas, has now grown to eight. Today, we are proud to offer quality products and services all for a reasonable price and virtually maintenance-free to both cottage owners and resort guests!

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Great Blue Resorts, Toll Free Phone : (877) 814-4141

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Off the beaten track:
  • Shipman, 0km
  • Montebello, 1km
  • Ridley Heights, 1km
  • Martindale Heights, 1km
  • Henley, 2km
  • Old Glenridge, 2km
  • Glenridge, St. Catharines area, 2km
  • Pelham, 2km
  • Western Hill, 3km
  • Barnesdale, 3km
  • Facer, 3km
  • Marsdale, 4km
  • Port Dalhousie, 4km
  • Ryderville, 4km
  • Niagara Gardens, 4km
  • Carlton Park, 4km
  • Power Glen, 5km
  • Grantham, 5km
  • Merritton, 5km
  • DeCew Falls, 6km
  • Weller Park, 7km
  • Port Weller, 7km
  • Homer, 5km
  • Thorold Park, 7km
  • Beaver Dams, 7km
  • Port Weller East, 7km
  • St. Johns, Niagara Falls area, 9km
  • Thorold South, 9km
  • Rockway, Niagara Falls area, 8km
  • McNab, 9km
  • Black Horse Corner, Niagara Falls area , 10km
  • Turners Corners, 12km
  • Effingham, 11km
  • Jordan Station, 9km
  • Jordan Harbour, 9km
  • Jordan, 10km
  • Port Robinson, 14km
  • Kunda Park, 15km
  • Vineland Station, 11km
  • Vineland, 11km
  • Mulhern, 12km
  • Ridgeville, 15km
  • North Pelham, 14km
  • Virgil, 12km
  • St. Davids, Niagara Falls area, 12km
  • Colemans, Niagara-on-the-Lake area, 13km
  • Pelham Corners, 16km
  • Greens Corners, Niagara Falls area, 13km
  • Queensway Gardens, 13km
  • Orchard Park, Niagara Falls area, 13km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Martindale Pond, 3km
  • Lake Moodie, 6km
  • Fifteen Mile Pond, 6km
  • Lake Gibson, 7km
  • Sixteen Mile Pond, 6km
  • Eighteen Mile Pond, 7km
  • Eight Mile Pond, 9km
  • Four Mile Pond, 15km
  • Two Mile Pond, 16km
  • Quarry Ponds, 31km
  • The Clay Pits, 31km
  • Biederman Pond, 31km
  • Dils Lake, 29km
  • Lighthouse Pond, 51km
  • Long Pond, 52km
  • West Pond, 56km
  • Grenadier Pond, 56km
  • Lake Niapenco, 49km
  • Lake Wabukayne, 61km
  • Fisher's Pond, 54km
  • Lake Aquitaine, 62km
  • Lake Medad, 56km
  • West Pond, 56km
  • Claireville Reservoir, 71km
  • Toogood Pond, 79km
  • Mill Pond, 64km
  • Dry Lake, 61km
  • Whitevale Pond, 81km
  • Progreston Pond, 63km
  • Crawford Lake, 66km
  • Carlisle Pond, 64km
  • McClures Lake, 65km
  • Kelso Lake, 68km
  • Christie Reservoir, 64km
  • Philips Lake, 86km
  • Heart Lake, 78km
  • Thompson Lake, 86km
  • Campbellville Pond, 69km
  • Bond Lake, 87km
  • Gulliver's Lake, 66km
  • Wilcox Lake, 88km
  • Scotch Block Reservoir, 72km
  • Simeon Lake, 89km
  • Haynes Lake, 89km
  • St. George Lake, 89km
  • Preston Lake, 92km
  • Glasgow Pond, 92km
  • Lake Seneca, 91km
  • Mary Lake, 91km
  • van Nostrand Lake, 93km