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The Smokehouse Eatery and Pub

Phone : (613) 475-3005
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Outside Web Page :
Your Host(s) : Sue Farese

Brighton, ON (Nearby: Wooler, Codrington, Colborne, Carrying Place, Astra)

  • Oliphant St., Brighton, Ontario
  • Opened January 2013
  • Join Sue for your celebration!
  • Menu posted June 05, 2024
  • Menu posted June 05, 2024

6 Oliphant Street
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible snack foods, light lunches, banquet facilities, etc. school tours, birthdays, reunions, weddings, corporate functions, etc.

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Tour Group Person Limit: 50

Driving Directions:
  • Located on the south side of Elizabeth St. (Across from the firehall) on Oliphant St.

Business Hours:
  • Open 7 days a week at 11 am

Description From Owner:
  • Opened in January of 2013, The Smoke House Eatery welcomes you for Roadhouse dining in beautiful Brighton, Ontario.

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The Smokehouse Eatery and Pub, Phone : (613) 475-3005

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Cindy Phillips on 04-Jun-24
I had steak on a bun and cabbage corned beef soup. The soup was excellent. The steak on a bun was delicious. The bun was crispy toasted to perfection. The steak was out of this world. I really enjoyed it and now I want to go get another.

Michael English (KrazySkrog) on 15-Sep-23
Went in for St.Pattys a fantastic time was had. Food was outstanding, service was awesome, the coffee was always flowin for this DD (thanx ladies) and the live music was amazing. We'll be back.

Carol J, Grafton, Canada on 07-Sep-15
“Yum!” Nothing special on the inside but the food was terrific! My son had a steak and I had the BBQ chicken. The Caesar dressing is to die for. I told them they could bottle it and sell it. Will definitely be back when out that way.

Meg McCobbe on 14-Apr-14
I've been to the Brighton Smokehouse a couple of times. I thought it was an average restaurant. Best part was the food and patio. Plus, they remember your drink when you come back and have it ready by the time your at your table.

Jody on 12-Mar-13
best garlic bread anywhere, and though I never have room for dessert, you have to try Bob's awesome coconut creme pie!

Doug & Deb Crosby on 25-Feb-13
Great wings! Popped in on a Saturday night and found that they had great entertainment, Brendan Scott and band.

Wendy on 07-Feb-13
My husband and I tried this restaurant last night, and all we can say is 'delicious!'. The Caesar salad is incredible, with its homemade dressing. I often judge a restaurant by if it takes the time to make a simple Caesar dressing, or wimps out and uses store bought. This salad didn't disappoint. What is also wonderful, is that the lettuce is actually chopped and bite sized. No huge torn lettuce leafs that take up the entire bowl. Fantastic. Hubby had the homemade Beef Barley soup which was SO, so good. Restaurants who take the time to actually prepare homemade food make all the difference in the world! The ribs were meaty, tender, juicy and full of flavour. The french fries are big, thick, beef eater fries, which are the perfect pairing with the ribs. We were stuffed and took a few ribs home with us for lunch the next day. Prices are excellent, the service was fast and friendly. We will be back!!

Jacque Malette on 10-Jul-12
I can't actually say I have had the opportunity to visit the restaurant. But if it is owned and operated by my wonderful cousin Suzie then I will just have to make the trip from Alaska..

Paul Smith on 22-Jan-11
We dont get out to the Rooster nearly enough anymore but the food has always been amazing!! My boys love it and Bob and Sue are both excellent hosts.Great prices and lots of delicious food for sure. A very worthwhile drive and a great atmosphere!

Debra Ricard on 20-Dec-10
As I only live right down the street from this resturant, its a frequent place for my friends/family and I to dine at. The staff are ALWAYS so welcoming. They are such sweethearts. The food is rather delicious. I'm just now starting to try new things on the menu, as I was highly addicted to the 'Build-your wrap'. YUM! The prices are very good and the place is decorated nicely. I highly recommend this resturant to anybody in town. You wont be disappointed.

Geary L. on 03-Nov-10
One late afternoon back in May, 2007, the Trenton, Ontario Wahoo Cafe at the north/west corner of Dundas St. East and Ontario St. burnt to the ground. For me, this was a sad day as the choices for a sports bar, burger, steak, poutine, quesadilla, and pasta type restaurant in the downtown core were reduced. Thankfully, in November, 2007, the Rooster Cookhouse opened not far down the way and filled that gap, and with the exception of the Wahoo Cafe having more pleasant view of the Trent River, the food and service are superior in every way. Just like other sports bars, the facility comes equipped with wall-mounted LCD monitors, but unlike many others, smaller LCD monitors are also mounted in the booths. It seems that when sporting events like hockey, baseball, curling or billiards are not being shown, trivia questions are being displayed. You can be a spectator or actually participate; testing your knowledge, gathering points for correct answers and possibly winning a game! A little known secret is that the Rooster Cookhouse now offers a breakfast buffet. It's a simple arrangement with the bare essentials for a satisfying breakfast. Items include home-fries, bacon, sausage, french toast, fruit, toast and the eggs, with choice of ingredients for omelets, which are cooked to your liking while you wait, or they'll bring it over to your table. I'm not sure if it's being used, but there is a patio at the rear of the restaurant. Hopefully, I'll be able to give it a whirl someday soon ;). The food selection and quality is good. I've tasted many items from the menu and have been pleased. My favorites are the Quesadilla or Banquet Burger with Poutine Fries. Other points of interest are: - The seating, decor, and restrooms are adequate, although some upgrades and enhancements would be nice. - The room temperature is usually comfortable. - Because of the north facing window, the sunlight never seems to be in your eyes no matter the time of day. - Pricing is reasonable. Cheers and good eating!

Jessica Allison on 08-Feb-10
I love The Rooster Cookhouse, not only because my Mother and Father, Sue and Bob Allison are the proud owners but, because it is a place where people can come together, have wonderful food, and feel at home. I only make occasional visits these days and I so miss my dads homemade soups, my mom's welcoming smile, and our amazing customers. It is the place to be and where friends are made.

Jo Anne Daigle on 28-Aug-09
This place has AWESOME ribs and chicken. I no longer live in the Trenton/Belleville area, however, if I am in the vicinity, I'll take out a huge order to bring home. TASTY, TASTY, TASTY!!!!!!! A must-try! Their Greek salad house-dressing is also HIGHLY recommended. Yummy.

Julie Carriere on 12-Aug-09
Excellent restaurant -service, selection, quality and prices all top notch. The accomodated our soccer team and families this past weekend and everyone was very happy with the choice of restaurant. Will be back thank you

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