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Village of Madoc

Phone : (613) 473-2866
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Madoc, ON (Nearby: Eldorado, Tweed, Thomasburg, Springbrook, Roslin)

  • O’Hara Mill:  This sawmill was built on this site near Madoc about 1830 by Robert Taylor and was active until at least 1908.

24 Davidson
Madoc, Ontario
K0K 2K0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

educational program for school tours Open for Sunday Shopping can accommodate tour groups Wheelchair accessible

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Tour Group Person Limit: 500

Driving Directions:
  • From Belleville, drive straight north 40km (25 miles) on Hwy 62 to Madoc.

Description From Owner:
  • Madoc is truly 'The Heart of Hastings County'. Whether on vacation or business, visitors to the village and surrounding areas located at the junction of Hwys 62 and 7 are always impressed by its friendly townsfolk.
  • In the 1800s the MacKenzie Brothers established a mill here, powered by water from Deer Creek. A settlement known as MacKenzie's Mills grew around it. For a short time it was called Hastings, before it was renamed Madoc after Prince Madoc of Wales.
  • The local historical society holds regular events, including Victorian weekend tours of the village's striking mid-to-late Victorian architecture.
  • Birdwatchers will want to visit the Moira River which flows through the lake, as will those interested in rare wetland plants.
  • The area is interlaced with hundreds of kilometers of cross-country and snowmobile trails. A myriad of lakes provide ice fishing, ice sailing and skating opportunities.
  • Visitors regularly remark on the friendly and relaxed attitude of the business community. But visitors beware! Many unwary travellers, briefly stopping in Madoc, have fallen in love with the village and ended up spending a lifetime here.
  • Pop. 1,464. In Madoc and Huntingdon Ts., Hastings C., on Deer Cr. near Moira L. and Hwys 7 & 62, 71 km. NE of Peterborough.
  • The county was named in honour of the family of Francis Rawdon-Hastings (1754-1826) a military leader who distinguished himself during the American Revolution.
  • His family took its name from the town of Hastings in Sussex, England, and he was created Marquess of Hastings in 1817. When the post office opened in 1836 it was called Madoc.
  • The name is derived from Madoc ad Owaiin Gwynedd, a legendary Welsh prince said to have discovered America in 1170. In 1866 gold was discovered in Madoc T., and Canada's first gold rush made the settlement a boom town.
  • Twenty-five mounted police were stationed here to keep order.
  • Most of the gold mines failed because of the high cost of extracting the ore, but prospectors also discovered copper, lead, marble, quartz, talc, and lithographic stone.

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Village of Madoc, Phone : (613) 473-2866

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