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Hymers Fair (Hymers Agricultural Society)

Phone : (807) 475-8586
Fax : (807) 346-8480
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us

Kakabeka Falls, ON (Nearby: South Gillies, Nolalu, Murillo, Kaministikwia, Kaministiquia, Neebing)

100 Hymers Fair Dr., PO Box 196,
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario
P0T 1W0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

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  • Enjoy the Fair season throughout Ontario and congratulate the organizers on the hard work and dedication of showcasing rural Ontario.

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Hymers Fair (Hymers Agricultural Society), Phone : (807) 475-8586

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Donna Butcher on 04-Sep-11
Every year I enjoy this fair. I have become disabled and I have had a hard time getting around, but would not miss this event! I do park in the disabled parking lot but I find it hard to get up the slope from the gate to the fairgrounds. Is there any way you could provide transport from the parking to the top of the hill? This year I did take advantage of the shriners train to transport myself and my walker to the far side of the fair grounds to see the animals and shed where the veggies etc are sold, that was an enormous help! But it was difficult for myself and others to get to the train.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Hymers, 1km
  • Sellars, 3km
  • Flint, 5km
  • O'Connor, Kakabeka Falls area, 7km
  • South Gillies, 8km
  • Harstone, 9km
  • Scoble West, 11km
  • Wamsley, 14km
  • Stanley, 13km
  • Hume, 17km
  • Silver Mountain, 15km
  • Mokomon, 20km
  • Pardee, Thunder Bay area, 22km
  • Lee, 20km
  • Millar, 21km
  • Sistonens Corners, 26km
  • Jelly, 19km
  • Sunshine, Thunder Bay area, 26km
  • Moose Hill, 18km
  • Conmee, 26km
  • Jackpine, 23km
  • McCluskeys Corners, 18km
  • Glenwater, 27km
  • Slate River Valley, 18km
  • Kaministiquia, 26km
  • Ellis, 29km
  • Carters Corners, 20km
  • Suomi, 21km
  • Finmark, 31km
  • Rosslyn Village, 21km
  • Jarvis River, 24km
  • Pigeon River, 33km
  • Crooks, 29km
  • Flett, 33km
  • Twin City, 23km
  • Baird, Thunder Bay, 25km
  • Shabaqua, 33km
  • Shabaqua Corners, 34km
  • Cloud Bay, 29km
  • Mackies, 26km
  • Intola, 30km
  • Buda, 40km
  • Neebing Yard, 28km
  • Vickers Heights, 30km
  • Mabella, 38km
  • Griff, 43km
  • Toimela, 36km
  • West Fort William, 31km
  • Annex, 41km
  • Kivikoski, 36km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Elgin Lake, 8km
  • Oliver Lake, 11km
  • Marks Lake, 14km
  • Twist Lake, 15km
  • Pictured Lake, 12km
  • Pete Lake, 14km
  • Float Lake, 13km
  • Adrian Lake, 18km
  • Echo Lake, 13km
  • Stephens Lake, 19km
  • Fallingsnow Lake, 19km
  • Turn Lake, 17km
  • Cedarlimb Lake, 20km
  • Fraleigh Lake, 17km
  • Twin Birch Lake, 17km
  • Marble Lake, 21km
  • Binabick Lake, 21km
  • Pine Lake, 21km
  • Length Lake, 16km
  • Gold Lake, 22km
  • Peridotite Lake, 21km
  • Thunder Lake, 22km
  • Adair Lake, 22km
  • Bell Lake, 23km
  • Rockstone Lake, 19km
  • Matson Lake, 24km
  • Sunset Lake, 20km
  • Cloud Lake, 23km
  • Crystal Lake, 30km
  • Bearpad Lake, 30km
  • Lenore Lake, 31km
  • Mud Lake, 28km
  • Whitefish Lake, 23km
  • Moon Lake, 24km
  • McQuaig Lake, 25km
  • Town Lake, 31km
  • Tower Lake, 27km
  • Little Dog Lake, 39km
  • Johnson Lake, 27km
  • Sun Lake, 28km
  • South Fowl Lake, 35km
  • North Fowl Lake, 33km
  • Castle Lake, 29km
  • Chota Lake, 28km
  • Paul Lake, 31km
  • Sawdust Lake, 29km
  • Loch Lomond, 29km
  • Cameron Lake, 31km
  • Caldwell Lake, 34km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 30km