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Campbellford, ON (Nearby: Trent River, Warkworth, Codrington, Havelock, Hastings)

11 Doxsee Ave. S., P.O. Box 280
Campbellford, Ontario
K0L 1L0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

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Chicken Kingdom & Seafood, Phone : (705) 653-4900

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hannah.wilson32 on 15-Feb-23
Me and my bf go here just about every day at 11, we sit in the same booth and get the same thing every time! A medium poutine with extra cheese. The lady's who work here basically know us by heart and are always so wonderful even if we go in right at opening time! They always give a good smile and give great service, it's a spot well deserved of a 5 star rating!

MorphingSeaGull on 09-Feb-22
Nice chicken. Like any other chicken store. Nice selections. Friendly staff and great chicken. I have been here several times from Tweed on my ATV. I make the trip sometimes for the chicken alone. Highly recommend if your hungry or not.

Serious Lee on 11-Apr-21
With the name like Chicken Kingdom, I had to try it. The fried chicken had a light crispy skin, not too salty, and the meat was good quality and juicy. I liked it better than KFC. The chicken wings with medium sauce was fantastic! The size of the wings were perfect, not anorexic or not weirdly huge. Ask for extra sauce because regular sauce was tad not enough.

E A Ajay Kumar on 21-Nov-20
Delicious food at reasonable rates. Tried the X-treme poutine and hot fudge sundae loved both of it. Highly recommend this place. Highlight is the top notch friendly service.

Pat on 09-Aug-20
Went in late and food was great. Nice staff. Will go again

Grace Parsons on 08-Mar-19
We visited Chicken Kingdom a few months ago. The food, especially the chicken was beyond awesome. The service was terrific and the owner was on hand to provide some interesting tidbits about places to see in Campbellford. It was a very nice stopover which I would suggest to anyone passing through. Thanks again to Chicken Kingdom.

Melissagmacd on 07-Feb-19
I was introduced to the Extreme Poutine by a teenager standing in line in front of me. When I asked him what he had ordered he said 'Extreme Poutine' and when I asked him if it was good he said, 'it's happiness in your mouth'. He further went onto advise me that the small was plenty for one person and more than that would be too much, and he was right. Today, I introduced my husband to it. We had a large~ which was huge! French Fries, gravy, cheese curds and chicken all in one. So goooood.

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