Fenelon Falls

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Fenelon Falls, ON (Nearby: Thurstonia Park, Cameron, Dunsford, Coboconk, Burnt River)

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Fenelon Falls, Ontario
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Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 1,806. In Fenelon T., Victoria C., on the Fenelon R. between Sturgeon and Cameron Ls. and Hwys 35A and C. Rds. 8 & 121,22 km. N of Lindsay.
  • The community was founded in 1834 by Irish immigrants James Wallis and Robert Jameson, who built a sawmill at the 23-foot (7 m) waterfall.
  • The place was first called Cameron's Falls after Duncan Cameron, provincial secretary of Upper Canada.
  • When the post office opened in 1838 the name Fenelon Falls was chosen to honour Father Fenelon, Abbe Franlfois de Salignac, a Sulpician missionary who came to Canada in 1667 and founded a mission on the Bay of Quinte.
  • Wallis' former home, Maryboro Lodge, is now the Fenelon Falls Museum.

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Fenelon Falls, Phone : (705) 887-2140

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