Municipality of Brighton (Lower Tier Northumberland)

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Brighton, ON (Nearby: Wooler, Codrington, Colborne, Carrying Place, Astra)

  • The Brighton Public School removed in March of  2012

35 Alice Street, PO BOX 189
Brighton, Ontario
K0K 1H0

Ontario Tourism Region : Kawartha and Northumberland

Driving Directions:
  • Just an 1.5 hours east of Toronto. Take Highway 401, to Highway 30 (exit 509), go south 5 Km. For a more scenic route take old Highway 2 which runs right through the Town and parallel to the 401.

Business Hours:
  • Brighton is a town for all seasons, so come and enjoy.

Description From Owner:
  • THIS PAGE COURTESY OF ONTARIO RURAL ROUTES. Welcome to the Town of Brighton, Ontario.
  • Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, with excellent fishing, natural areas, and a quaint downtown, there is much to do.
  • To learn more about our town, tourism, and the area in general go to or use the link at the top of this page.
  • The town is filled with Loyalist history, the local Proctor House Museum is housed in a Victorian Mansion that is rumoured to be haunted!
  • Local parks such as Presqu'ile Provincial Park, and Proctor Park offer a variety of natural experiences.
  • Come, let us 'Brighton' your day!
  • Pop. 4,401. In Brighton T., Northumberland C., on the N shore of L. Ontario and C. Rds. 2, 30 & 64, 32 km SW of Belleville.
  • Settled in 1796 by United Empire Loyalist Obediah Simpson and known as Singleton's Corners, the community was renamed Brighton in 1831, likely after the seaside resort in East Sussex, England.
  • A plaque just south of Brighton off Hwy 2 recalls the loss of the schooner Speedy in 1804.
  • The Speedy sailed from Toronto in October carrying members of the circuit court to attend a murder trial in the Newcastle District.
  • All on board -- including lawyers, witnesses, and the accused -- were drowned when the Speedy foundered off Presqu' ile Point.

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Municipality of Brighton (Lower Tier Northumberland), Phone : (613) 475-0670

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