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Phone : (613) 752-0330
Your Host(s) : Calabogie Post Office

Calabogie, ON (Nearby: Burnstown, Renfrew, White Lake, Dacre, Haley Station)

Mill St.
Calabogie, Ontario
K0J 1H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 180. In Bagot T., Renfrew C., at the head of the Madawaska R. where it leaves Calabogie L. and C. Rds. 508 & 511, 34 km SW of Amprior.
  • In the early 1800s the settlement was a supply centre for log drivers on the Madawaska R. In 1895 the largest black graphite deposit in the Americas was discovered at Calabogie.
  • The Black Donald Graphite Mine remained in production until 1954 and during a period of peak production following the First World War 'it accounted for 90 per cent of all graphite mined in Canada.
  • The files of the Ontario Geographic Names Board list four possible origins for this unusual name:
  • (1) from calladh bogaidh, Gaelic for 'marshy shore;' (2) in Spanish, cala boga refers to a body of water where rowing is necessary;
  • (3) Indian word for 'stur¬¨geon;' (4)'callibogus' was an early Newfoundland beverage concocted from spruce beer and rum. The name is sometimes mispelled as Calaboogie.

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Calabogie, Phone : (613) 752-0330

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