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Valu-Mart (Marmora)

Phone : (613) 472-2706
Fax : (613) 472-5878
E-Mail : Click Here to E-Mail us
Your Host(s) : Craig Potter

Marmora, ON (Nearby: Springbrook, Eldorado, Havelock, Campbellford, Trent River)

42 Matthew St (Hwy 7 E)
Marmora, Ontario
K0K 2M0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Open for Sunday Shopping Wheelchair accessible pies, tarts, bread, cookies, muffins, donuts, etc.

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Business Hours:
  • Thursday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Friday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Saturday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Monday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Tuesday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Wednesday : 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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  • Groceries

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Valu-Mart (Marmora), Phone : (613) 472-2706

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Darrin DeFreitas on 13-May-24
Fairly expensive as most grocery stores are in small towns but it’s in line with that pricing. Produce is good and they have a good selection of products. It’s also a great place to go if you need OTC medications. The pharmacies close early in Marmora on weekends so this is a great option. Staff is friendly and helpful. I recommend.

Jud son on 04-May-23
Nicest people ever. Sweet and helpful.

Patrick O'Brien on 10-May-22
I have shopped there several times. It's a very well kept store and the staff are cordial and eager to help. The produce was fresh a great asset for this beautiful little town. When lm fishing in the area l always stop there for my supplies. Considering this virus nightmare these small businesses have been there for us and they deserve our thanks and respect, they certainly have mine. If you can, get your vaccine or Booster and let's beat this thing!!

Eric Arnold on 28-Jul-21
My 6 year old tested positive and we were stuck for two weeks without food or friends in the area to assist. I called Valu-mart and asked if they had any ideas and they said no problem, email them a list, they'll get it all together for me, take my CC over the phone and wheel the nicely bagged groceries in a cart out to the car for me! It was a life saver!! They did a great job picking the produce etc. Exactly what I would have picked myself. We did this twice and made it through quarantine with all the edible comforts we could have hoped for. So grateful. Thank you so much!

Andrea Taylor on 09-May-20
The staff were very friendly and the store was bright and clean. We got a custom ordered birthday cake here and it was one of the best special event cakes I've had in a long time. The cake itself was moist and very tasty, but the icing was the real winner. I can't remember the last time I bit into a cake like this without feeling like I was biting into a flavoured sugar cube. A big thank you to the bakery department for making such a great cake for my father-in-law's 80th birthday party.

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