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Phone : (519) 843-1730
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Fergus, ON (Nearby: Elora, Belwood, Alma, Ariss, Hereward, Belwood)

  • Grove’s Mill Located in Fergus, it was originally built as a tannery and was converted to a gristmill around 1880 by Dr. Abraham Groves.
  • Beatty Mill Built in about 1878 in the town of Fergus, Ontario, it is currently the Fergus market. The Fergus Cascade and the Grand River are in front.
  • St. Andrew’s Mill Built by Robert Steele in 1856 in Fergus, it has had a number of names, including the Monkland Mill and the Walkley Mill.

299 St Andrew St. W.
Fergus, Ontario
N1M 1N8

Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 8,410. In Nichol T., Wellington C., on the Grand R. and Hwy 6 and C. Rds. 18 & 19,22 km NW of Guelph.
  • The town is named after Scottish lawyer Adam Fergusson, who came to Canada in 1831 to explore colonization possibilities for the Highland Society of Scotland.
  • He returned two years later with six of his seven sons and another lawyer, James Webster. He bought 7,300 acres (2,956 ha) and laid out a townsite. The settlement was called Little Falls for a time but took the name Fergus when a post office opnd in 1836
  • More than 200 19th¬century buildings remain in the town and the annual Fergus Highland Games, held on the second Saturday of August, are one of the best-attended Highland Games in North America
  • The Fergus Curling Club, formed in 1834, has been in continuous operation longer than any other curling club in Ontario.
  • The sport was played outdoors until 1879 when a covered rink was built. The pauper's grave of drunkard George Clephane draws visitors to Fergus from around the world.
  • He is immortalized in the gospel song 'The Ninety and Nine' written by his sister Elizabeth.

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