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Town of Goderich (Lower Tier Huron)

Phone : (519) 524-8911
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Goderich

Goderich, ON (Nearby: Dungannon, Auburn, Bayfield, Clinton, Londesborough)

  • late 1920s
  • The Renvoyle
  • Grain Vessels
  • Maitland River

35 East St.
Goderich, Ontario
N7A 1N2

Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 7,428. In Goderich T., Huron C., on L. Huron at the mouth of the Maitland R. and Hwys 8 & 21, 100 km. N of London.
  • Samuel de Champlain was the first European visitor, in 1618, when the First Nations Peoples settlement here was called Menesetung.
  • The site was chosen by John Galt, founder of the Canada Company, as the terminus of the Huron Rd., which he built from Guelph.
  • Dr. William 'Tiger' Dunlop supervised the building of the town in 1828, naming it after Viscount Goderich, chancellor of the exchequer when the British government sold the land to the Canada Company.
  • A central park where the courthouse is located is an octagon, and eight streets radiate out from its points.
  • With an uncharacteristic lack of tact, Queen Elizabeth II once called Goderich, which sits on a high bluff overlooking L. Huron and the Maitland River Valley, 'the prettiest town in Canada.'
  • A plaque at Cobourg and Lighthouse Streets in Goderich recalls 'The Great Storm of 1913.' The storm raged for three days in November; 244 lives were lost, and 19 vessels were destroyed.
  • Postcards above used with permission from A Great Lakes Treasury of Old Postcards 2007 Lorenzo Marcolin, MD 176 pp. For Copies call the Huronia Museum 705 526 2844 or email

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Town of Goderich (Lower Tier Huron), Phone : (519) 524-8911

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