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Amherstview, ON (Nearby: Westbrook, Stella, Odessa, Kingston, Bath)

4499 Bath Road
Amherstview, Ontario
K7N 1A6

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Ontario Tourism Region : The Great Waterway

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 6,110. In Ernestown T., Lennox and Addington Cs., on C. Rd. 33, 11 km. W of Kingston.
  • The present day residential community was planned in the 1950s and named for the view of Amherst I., which it overlooks. The site has a long history of settlement.
  • In Fairfield Historical Park in Amherstview, the St. Lawrence Parks Commission maintains a public museum in an historic home.
  • William Fairfield Sr., a United Empire Loyalist from Vermont, completed the clapboard house in 1793, and six generations ofF airfields lived there during the next 150 years.
  • A plaque just west of Amherstview on Hwy 33, honours Madeleine de Roybon d'Allonne (1646-1718), the fIrst known female landholder in present-day Ontario.
  • She was the daughter of a French nobleman and came to Kingston (then Fort Frontenac) about 1679. On land granted to her by Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle, she built a house and barns, grew crops, grazed cattle, establishing a small trading post.
  • Amherstview was also the home of Lt.-Co I. Edwin Albert Baker (1893-1968). He was blinded while serving with the Canadian army in Belgium in 1914 and devoted the rest of his life to the rehabilitation and training of blind people.
  • He helped found the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) in 1918 and served as its managing director for more than 40 years.

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Durwin D Frantz on 15-Jul-10
Lived as child in Amherstview on Sherwood Ave as Contributing planner working affiliate UTDC -Urban Transit to sales as Bombardier Subsidairie -W.J .Henderson semi retired remember From Sweden online production

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