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Phone : (807) 852-3660
Your Host(s) : Canada Post, Rainy River

Rainy River, ON (Nearby: Pinewood, Morson, Sleeman, Stratton, Black Hawk)

218 Fourth
Rainy River, Ontario
P0W 1L0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 28. In Rainy River Dist. on C. Rd. 619, 92 km. NW of Fort Frances. The name is Latin for 'living tree.' The history of this community and origin of its name has not been officially recorded.

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Arbor-Vitae, Phone : (807) 852-3660

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Lisa Barrett on 24-Aug-19
Drove through as we were exploring the area. Pretty country roads and abandoned homes that I would love to know the history of.

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Off the beaten track:
  • Arbor Vitae, 1km
  • Cozy Corners, 5km
  • Bergland, 9km
  • Storkson's Corner, 8km
  • Gameland, 11km
  • North Branch, Fort Frances area, 10km
  • Minahico, 15km
  • Pinewood, Fort Frances area, 21km
  • Dearlock, 16km
  • Sleeman, 22km
  • Harris Hill, 18km
  • Wood, 24km
  • Stratton, 26km
  • Shenston, 27km
  • Manders, 31km
  • McGinnis Creek, 27km
  • Finland, 28km
  • Naongashing, 42km
  • Caliper Lake, 34km
  • Off Lake Corner, 34km
  • Crow Lake, Kenora area, 40km
  • Burditt Lake, 36km
  • Manomin, 39km
  • Barnhart, 42km
  • Sioux Narrows, 58km
  • Dermid, 48km
  • Aylsworth, 53km
  • Pawitik, 61km
  • Whitefish Bay, 61km
  • Dance, 48km
  • French Portage, 64km
  • Government Landing, 48km
  • Burriss, 52km
  • Lake Wasaw, 52km
  • Box Alder, 59km
  • Northwest Bay, 53km
  • La Vallée, 58km
  • Big Fork, 62km
  • Crozier, 64km
  • Margach, 97km
  • Scovil, 99km
  • Pelletier Bridge, 102km
  • Lajeunesse Bridge, 103km
  • Laclu, 100km
  • Hawk Lake, 103km
  • Duluth Junction, 74km
  • Laclu, 102km
  • Busteed, 101km
  • Willard Lake, 106km
  • Granite Lake, 99km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Marsh Lake, 6km
  • Cranberry Lake, 8km
  • Eleanor Lake, 21km
  • Mud Lake, 17km
  • Kawakamik Lake, 34km
  • Mud Lake, 25km
  • Turtle Lake, 35km
  • Obabikon Lake, 39km
  • Kahmitiwajewunk Lake, 37km
  • Muskrat Lake, 28km
  • Little Pine Lake, 28km
  • Yoker Lake, 29km
  • Caliper Lake, 32km
  • Quida Lake, 35km
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  • Pinewood Lake, 32km
  • Tiny Lake, 31km
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  • Pony Lake, 32km
  • Girard Lake, 43km
  • Kakabikitchiwan Lake, 37km
  • Preachers Lake, 33km
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  • Markell Lake, 45km
  • Carstens Lake, 51km
  • Pinus Lake, 37km
  • Yukon Lake, 46km
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  • Cranberry Lake, 55km
  • Clarkson Lake, 41km
  • Lake of the Bays, 56km
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  • Abbott Lake, 40km
  • Wake Lake, 59km