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Phone : (613) 335-2811
Your Host(s) : Canada Post

Arden, ON (Nearby: Mountain Grove, Kaladar, Ardoch, Parham, Northbrook)

1004 Bridge
Arden, Ontario
K0H 1B0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 239. In Kennebec T., Frontenac C., on Big Clear L. and C. Rd. 15.2 km. S of Hwy 7, 19 km. E ofKaladar, 64 km. NW of Kingston.
  • Early settlers were Anglo-Saxons and French, most United Empire Loyalists.
  • In the early 1850s the Rathbun Lumber Company set up just N of Arden, creating many jobs and attracting more settlers, some of whom created grain-growing and dairy businesses.
  • The community was fIrst known as Clear Valley, but changed to Arden when the post office was established in 1865.
  • The name may have been inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson's recently-published poem Enoch Arden. In 1882 the Ontario and Quebec Railway built their line through Arden and called the station Ardendale.
  • The construction of Hwy 7 in 1932 killed the railroad and the last train called in 1967. From 1914 to 1920, Edward Barker provided electricity for homes and street lights from a waterwheel on Arden Cr.

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Arden, Phone : (613) 335-2811

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Tim on 30-Jul-12
A really picturesque little town with some great little shops - Art, Pottery & Batik. As well, there is a garden walk and stone church. Arden also has a public beach, library, legion and Kennebec community centre. After recently moving from Toronto to Henderson, which is on the other side of Highway 7 from Arden, this area in the Land o' Lakes with numerous campgrounds & cottages brings peace and tranquility and a great sense of ease to one's soul.

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