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Phone : (519) 822-3537
Your Host(s) : Main Post Office, Guelph

Guelph, ON (Nearby: Arkell, Eden Mills, Puslinch, Rockwood, Morriston)

88 Wyndham St. N.
Guelph, Ontario
N0B 1C0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 126. In Puslinch T., Wellington C. on C. Rd. 37, 8 km. E of Guelph. In 1863 the community was named after Englishman Thomas Arkell who settled in 1830.

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Arkell, Phone : (519) 822-3537

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  • Hamilton Corner, 4km
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  • Priory Park, 7km
  • Rockwood, 9km
  • Downeys, 8km
  • Rockcut, 10km
  • Eramosa, 10km
  • Guelph Junction, Guelph area, 8km
  • Darbyville, 8km
  • Centre Inn, 12km
  • Badenoch, 10km
  • Blue Springs, 11km
  • Brucedale, 12km
  • Crieff, 13km
  • Brookville, 10km
  • Crewsons Corners, 12km
  • Aikensville, 13km
  • Everton, 14km
  • Haltonville, 11km
  • Armstrong Mills, 13km
  • Puslinch, 13km
  • Marden, 12km
  • Killean, 15km
  • Little Lake, Cambridge area, 15km
  • Glenchristie, 13km
  • Sayers Mills, 12km
  • Birge Mills, 16km
  • Barber's Beach, 16km
  • Valens, 18km
  • Mountsberg, 15km
  • Churchill, 16km
  • Clyde, 18km
  • Ospringe, 18km
  • Mosborough, 14km
  • Speedside, 17km
  • Kirkwall, 20km
  • Guelph Junction, Freelton area, 15km
  • Oustic, 19km
  • Speyside, 16km
  • Fisher Mills, 18km
  • Ennotville, 19km
  • Kossuth, 17km
  • Shiloh, Fergus, 22km
  • Strabane, 21km
  • Idylwild, 19km
  • Scotch Block, Halton Hills area, 17km
  • Coningsby, 23km
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  • Emerald Lake, 14km
  • Mountsberg Reservoir, 13km
  • Little Lake, 15km
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  • Valens Reservoir, 17km
  • Puslinch Lake, 16km
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  • Campbellville Pond, 16km
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