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Phone : (519) 356-2444
Your Host(s) : Post Office

Atwood, ON (Nearby: Listowel, Monkton, Ethel, Gowanstown, Milverton)

216 Main Street
Atwood, Ontario
N0G 1B0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 877. In Elma T., Perth C., on Hwy 23,9 km SW of Listowel. The community came into being in the early 1850s and when the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway came through in the 1870s, the place was known as Newry Station.
  • The community is well known because of its cheese factory, one of Ontario's largest. In 1881 a post office was established and the name Atwood was chosen at a public meeting.

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Atwood, Phone : (519) 356-2444

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