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Phone : (519) 665-7810
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Ayton, ON (Nearby: Hampton, Neustadt, Clifford, Hanover, Harriston)

  • Ayton Mill Built in the Town of Ayton in 1864 by Thomas Robertson, the gristmill was water powered and it still produces power for the hydro grid.

525 Louisa St.
Ayton, Ontario
N0G 1C0

Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 606. In Normanby T., Grey C., on a branch of the Saugeen R. and C. Rds. 3 & 9, 72 km S of Owen Sound.
  • The government laid out a townsite in 1855, and the first to settle were William Butcher and Henry McMahon.
  • It is said the place had no name until settler Charles Ayton suggested his family name. Many of the businesses in town were destroyed by fire in 1939.

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Ayton, Phone : (519) 665-7810

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Don Currie on 11-Mar-14
Years ago I was instrumental in the building of your school at the edge of town. Our part in this operation was to supply and erect all of the structural steel involved in the completion of the project. Your beautiful town with the old mill and water fall has been burnt into my memory as the most picturesque place I have been to in many many years. Currently I reside in south western Ontario and some day I would like to return to Ayton and renew my old memories. Respectifully Yours Don...

Richard McKnight on 08-Sep-13
Looking for info for ancestry of the O'Farrell family. My grandmother, Margaret O'Farrell left Ayton about 1920. Thank you

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