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Balaclava (near Renfrew)

Phone : (613) 432-3384
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Renfrew, ON (Nearby: Dacre, Douglas, Eganville, Haley Station, Cobden)

  • Balaclava Mill Built in 1855, at one time it was said to produce a million board feet of lumber per week. It was finally shut down in 1959 and the area is considered a ghost town.  I took the above image in a heavy rainstorm and the flood of turbulent water made me wonder whether the building was finally going to succumb to the elements.

249 Raglan St S.,
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 1R3

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 27. In Gratton T.,Renfrew C. on Constant Cr. at the Send of Constant L., on Sammon Rd., 2.5 Ian N of Dacre on Hwy 132,30 km. SW of Renfrew.
  • emigrants settled the area in the 1850s and likely named their community after one in Russia's Crimea where a famous battle was fought in 1854.
  • A woollen garment covering the head and shoulders, worn by soldiers on active duty in harsh climates, also derives its name from the same source.

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Balaclava (near Renfrew), Phone : (613) 432-3384

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