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City of Barrie (Single Tier Simcoe)

Phone : (705) 728-3592
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Corp.

Barrie, ON (Nearby: Simcoe, Midhurst, Shanty Bay, Thornton, Innisfil)

44 Collier St,
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 1G6

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Ontario Tourism Region : Bruce Peninsula, Southern Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe

Description From Owner:
  • 78,965. City in Simcoe C. at the head of Kempenfelt Bay offL. Simcoe and Hwys 26 & 400 and C. Rds. 4,20,40 & 90,78 km N of Toronto.
  • The first building was a Hudson's Bay Company storehouse in 1812.
  • The first dwelling was a log house built in 1815 for Sir George Head, who had come to supervise a proposed naval establishment at Penetanguishene, 49 km NW on Severn Sound off Georgian Bay.
  • The settlement was frrst called Nine Mile Portage. The portage was cleared during the War of 1812 as a supply route to military establishments at Penetanguishene.
  • It ran from the site of present-day Barrie at the headwaters of Kempenfeldt Bay to Willow Cr.
  • In 1812 the site of Barrie was surveyed by Capt. Oliver of the Royal Navy, who bought land and called the place Barry for Capt. Robert Barry, commander of the 15th Regiment of York.
  • When the post office opened in 1832, it was named Barrie after (British) Commodore Robert Barrie.
  • In 1831, nine black veterans of 'the War of 1812 accepted land grants along what is now Wilberforce Street, forming the only government-sponsored black settlement in Upper Canada.
  • A community of about 100 settlers flourished briefly, but the poor soil and harsh dimate discouraged them and the settlement was gradually abandoned.
  • Barrie has been home to many prominent people over the years. Hewitt Bernard (1825-1893) was a native of Jamaica who settled in Barrie in 1851 and opened a law practice.
  • He accompanied John A. Macdonald to the Charlottetown conference in 1864 and served as secretary of the Quebec and London Conferences, which laid the groundwork for Confederation.
  • Andrew Frederick Hunter (1863-1940) was an active member of the Canadian Institute and the Ontario Historical Society.
  • He undertook extensive research on the history and archaeology of Huronia, and his published Writings encouraged the study of local history throughout the province.
  • William Edward Gallie (1882-1959) was a distinguished surgeon and teacher. While practicing at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto he devised revolutionary techniques in tissue transplant and bone repair that are now practiced throughout the world
  • The city holds North America's largest annual dog show, Canada's largest flea market, and a winter carnival on the frozen waters of Kempenfelt Bay.
  • Barrie's oldest public building is an octagonal jail completed in 1842 and still in use. In 2004, Barrie was the site of the biggest drug bust ever staged in Canada.
  • Police raided a former brewery beside busy Hwy 400 and seized $30 million of marijuana and sophisticated agricultural equipment.

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City of Barrie (Single Tier Simcoe), Phone : (705) 728-3592

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