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Phone : (519) 887-9545
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Brussels, ON (Nearby: Walton, Jamestown (Huron), Bluevale, Ethel, Belgrave)

  • Logan’s Mill This is the third mill on this site in Brussels. The present building was built by John Logan in 1911 and was in operation as a gristmill until 1967. It is sometimes known as the Brussels Mill
  • Logan’s Mill This is the third mill on this site in Brussels. The present building was built by John Logan in 1911 and was in operation as a gristmill until 1967. It is sometimes known as the Brussels Mill

586 Turnberry N
Brussels, Ontario
N0G 1H0

Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 1,093. In Morris and Grey Ts., Huron C., on the South Br. of the Maitland R. and C. Rds. 12 & 16, 32 km E of Goderich.
  • Settled in 1852 by William Ainley of Yorkshire, England, as Ainleyville.
  • The post office, opened in 1856 was called Dingle. In 1872 residents sought a more sophisticated name for their community and chose Brussels after the capital city of Belgium.
  • Between 1860 and 1875 Brussels had three disastrous fires, but the arrival of the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway assured prosperity.

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Brussels, Phone : (519) 887-9545

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peter r baker on 29-Jan-15
As a kid, I spent every holiday and many week-ends in Brussels while visiting my grandmother, Anna Baker. She owned and operated the New American Hotel in the village for many,many years. How I miss those warm and fun filled days through the late fifties and sixties ! I'm in Toronto but return to Brussels every couple of years.

David Frayne on 20-Feb-12
Believe my 4th greatgrandfather settled there in 1857. Was the town constable& farmed. Lorenzo Alexander Frayne. His grandson Allen Elijah Frayne came to the US in 1880.I live Wichita,Kansas. Hope to visit there someday.Thanks,Dave.

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