Town of Caledon (Lower Tier Peel)

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Caledon, ON (Nearby: Caledon East, Palgrave, Inglewood, Bolton, Caledon Village)

  • Cataract Mill Ruins John Deagle built the mill near the Cataract Falls on the Credit River, probably around 1890. It was turned into a hydro-electric plant in 1899 and operated until 1923.

20 Snelcrest Dr.,
Caledon, Ontario
L7C 1B5

Ontario Tourism Region : York, Durham and Hills of Headwaters

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  • Caledon Pop. 39,837. On the Credit R. and Hwy 10,24 km NW of Brampton.
  • A town formed by regional government in 1974 by the incorporation of the Communities of Alton, Belfountain, Caledon, Cataract, and Inglewood; the villages of Bolton and Caledon East, and the T. of Albion.
  • The present town name, however, has a long history. Settlement in this hilly and very scenic region started in 1819 when the government opened a rough sleigh track for surveyors.
  • The first town meeting was held in 1824 near Belfountain when settlers appointed a clerk, tax collector, and constable. The community was ftrst called Raeburn's Corners and then Charleston.
  • The name was changed to Caledon in 1839. Caledon was the political name for a part of Scotland, the name believed to have been derived from the Latin verb celare ('to conceal.')
  • Caledonians were people skilled at concealing themselves in woody shelters.
  • There were a number of clashes and near riots during the 1830s because many of Caledon's Scottish settlers supported William Lyon Mackenzie and his Reformers, and just as many others were staunch Tories.
  • On one occasion, the story goes, a group of Orangemen broke up a Reformers' banquet Gust as grace was being said) by storming the meeting place and eating all the food in sight.
  • In 1864 James McLaren, son of one of the township's pioneers, built a castle with a Norman tower at Caledon.
  • For a century the castle was a well-known landmark, and here the Grangers, Ontario's first farmers' cooperative, for a time used to hold their meetings before the property was acquired as a private residence.
  • The castle was destroyed by frre in 1964.

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Town of Caledon (Lower Tier Peel), Phone : (905) 843-0457

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