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Phone : (807) 872-2628
Your Host(s) : Caramat Curling & Community Centre

Caramat, ON (Nearby: Longlac, Manitouwadge, Nakina, Geraldton, Marathon)

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Caramat, Ontario
P0T 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 168. In Thunder Bay Dist. on Hwy 625 and the CNR, 78 km. SE of Geraldton.
  • Railway superintendent A. J. Hills named the place, some¬what whimsically, by spelling backwards the tree name tamarack in its French form in which the fmal 'k' is dropped. The community got a post office in 1923.

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Caramat, Phone : (807) 872-2628

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Phil mostow on 01-Jan-15
Those were the fun years , curling and flying Beaver CF GQP What became of Hank Carson

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