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Phone : (705) 965-2001
Your Host(s) : Cartier Community Centre

Cartier, ON (Nearby: Onaping, Levack, Dowling, Worthington, Nairn Centre)

Lansdowne St,
Cartier, Ontario
P0M 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 472. In Cartier T., Sudbury Dist., on Hwy 144, 57 km NW of Sudbury. In 1885 the community was known as Archer.
  • In 1888 it was officially named Cartier after the township, which was named to honour Sir George-Etienne Cartier (1814-73), joint premier of the province of Canada with Sir John A. Macdonald from 1857-1862. The tnsp was named by surveyor H. B. Proudfoot

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Cartier, Phone : (705) 965-2001

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