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Phone : (705) 864-0704
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Chapleau

Chapleau, ON (Nearby: Kormak, Sultan, Missanabie, Foleyet, Ramsey)

Lorne N
Chapleau, Ontario
P0M 1K0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 3,184. In Chapleau T., Sudbury Dist., at the headwaters of the KapuskasingR. andHwys 101 & 129,272 km NW of Sudbury.
  • A divisional point on the CPR, settled in the early 1800s and known by the First Nations Peoples as Nemegosee.
  • Mrs. Noel de Tilley, wife of the fIrst CPR engineer to live here, named the settlement after Sir Joseph Adolphe Chapleau, premier of Quebec 1879¬1882 and lieutenant-governor of Quebec 1892-1898.
  • Chapleau is at the southern limit of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, a roughly diamond-shaped wildlife sanctuary of800,000 hectares (1,976,000 acres) which is the largest game preserve in the world.
  • Louis Hernon, author of the novel Maria Chapdelaine, is buried in the Chapleau Roman Catholic Cemetery. He was killed by a train while walking to Western Canada along the CPR tracks, gathering material for future writings.

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Chapleau, Phone : (705) 864-0704

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Debbie Robitaille (rothenburger now) on 11-Mar-16
My father Henry Armand Robitaille was born in Cartier 1925..i believe he lived in sultan and or chapleau early 1930...he had siblings Theresa, cecile, Jeanette, Lillian, Jacqueline, deus, jean Louis, andre, aime, lionel...I am hopeing to find family history on my visit there this summer...I look forward to any contact from any others...please email...I know some family lived grandmother was marie louise emond...Louis robitaille..thank you for any

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