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Charlton, ON (Nearby: Englehart, Tarzwell, Kenabeek, Earlton, Swastika)

Charlton, Ontario
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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 277. In Dack T., Timiskaming Dist., on the Blanche R. and Hwys 560 & 573, 42 km S of Kirkland Lake.
  • Louis G. Hooey and Tom McLaughlin, who both arrived in 1902, were the fIrst settlers. A townsite was laid out in 1904, and settlers came overland through the bush from New Liskeard or by water up the Blanche R. from Tomstown, 16 km E.
  • When the post office opened in 1904, residents requested the name Auralynn, meaning 'golden falls,' but the name was refused by the post office department.
  • The place may have been named to honour Hon. W. A. Charlton, Speaker of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, 1903-1905 and Commissioner of Public Works, 1904-1905.
  • Sawmills were operating here by 1904, and a branch line of the Timiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway was built to Charlton in 1907.
  • By 1913 the erection of a power dam and generating station made it one of the fIrst rural communities in the north with electricity.
  • The place was a bustling community of more than 500 residents in 1922 when a bush fIre destroyed 1,200 square mi. (3,108 sq. km) oftimber and left only the powerhouse and two homes standing in Charlton.
  • After the fIre, the town council met for a time in a streetcar on the site of the former courthouse.

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