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Clayton, ON (Nearby: Almonte, Pakenham, Innisville, Carleton Place, Lanark, Carleton Place)

Linn Bower Lane,
Clayton, Ontario
K0A 1P0

Ontario Tourism Region : Ontario's Highlands

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 132. In Lanark C. on the Indian R and C. Rd. 9, 21 km. NW of Carleton Place.
  • In 1824 Edward Bellamy built a flour mill here and for a time the place was called Bellamy's Mills. The post office used that name from 1848 to 1858 and then changed the name to Clifton.
  • Shortly after that the name was changed again, to Clayton, but the origin of this name has not been recorded.
  • All photos from Rose Mary Sarsfield book - Whispers from the Past, History and Tales of Clayton” If you want to purchase a book please email Rose Mary Sarsfield at or call me at 613-621-9300, or go to the Clayton Store.
  • According to Rose Mary Sarsfield’s book about Clayton called Whispers From the Past– Mrs. Dickenson sold her store in Clayton to Joseph Paul in the 1896.
  • In 1903 the first telephone office was situated in Mr. Paul’s store: where all messages, whether public or private will be attended to promptly. Johnnie Erskine’s father bought the store from Mr. Paul in 1905.

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Clayton, Phone : (613) 256-2099

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Donna Baird on 21-Oct-11
Many years ago I was told that the lake was named after Cecil Clayton who served in WWII. Thanks, Donna

bobby baillargeon on 22-Sep-10
greatest place to ever live! I LOVE THIS PLACE WITH MY HEART!

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