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Phone : (705) 272-5234
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Cochrane

Cochrane, ON (Nearby: Frederickhouse, Hunta, Driftwood, Tunis, Smooth Rock Falls)

146 6 Ave
Cochrane, Ontario
P0L 1C0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 50. In Cochrane Dist. on the Abitibi R. and Hwy 579, 17 km. NW of Cochrane.
  • The community takes its name from the T., which was surveyed in 1884 and named for Judge Roger Conger Clute, a United Empire Loyalist descendant born in Picton.

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Clute, Phone : (705) 272-5234

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Yelda Miedema on 26-Nov-15
For a brief period in the winter of 1952 we lived in a small, un-winterized 4 room log cabin on the shores of Silver Queen Lake. I believe the cabin may have been owned by the Louks (sp?) family who lived nearby. The son's name was Brian as I recall. How cold was it? It was so cold that the water in the pan on the wood cook stove, the cabin's only heat source, was frozen solid when we got up in the morning. It was so cold that my clever 9-year old older brother demonstrated the wisdom of sticking one's tongue to an axe, an act of idiocy that cost him several layers of skin from his tongue, not to mention some serious pain!. My dad once ran out of the cabin in only his long johns with his rifle, a Winchester 30:30 as i recall, and took several shots at a pack of wolves crossing the frozen lake, all of which missed their mark. His disappointment was palpable given that the bounty on a wolf, a princely $25, would have been enough to feed our family of 7 for several weeks. We left the area around Christmas 1952 and boarded the train headed for balmy south eastern Ontario. When my wife and I returned for a visit to Silver Queen Lake in September 2002 the log cabin was no longer there; there was a small park in its place. It had apparently burned down some years earlier.

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