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Town of Cobalt (Single Tier Timiskaming)

Phone : (705) 679-8120
Your Host(s) : Cobalt Public Library

Cobalt, ON (Nearby: North Cobalt, Haileybury, New Liskeard, Latchford, Belle Vallee)

30 Lang St.,
Cobalt, Ontario
P0J 1C0

Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 1,248. In Coleman T., Timiskaming Dist., on Hwy lIB, 140 km. N of North Bay.
  • Fred LaRose, who discovered the vein of silver that set off one of the greatest mining stampedes of all time, did not accidentally fmd it by throwing his pick at a curious fox!
  • But LaRose did find the vein in 1903 and stake it and sell it to the Timmins brothers and their lawyer/fmancier partner Dave Dunlap for $30,000.
  • News of the silver discovery brought Ontario's first provincial geologist, Dr. Willet G. Miller, to the site.
  • He called the place Cobalt, an element of the iron group associated with native silver. In the fIrst 10 years, Cobalt mines produced $300 million worth of metal, and the population reached 30,000.
  • Dr. William Henry Drummond, author of the beloved book of dialect verse, The Habitant, and four similar works, joined his brothers in a mining venture and died in Cobalt in 1907.
  • The Cobalt Mining Museum has an amazing collection of minerals and artifacts. The Highway Book Shop here is a national treasure that has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

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Town of Cobalt (Single Tier Timiskaming), Phone : (705) 679-8120

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