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Phone : (519) 687-2832
Your Host(s) : Comber Library

Comber, ON (Nearby: Staples, Pointe Aux Roches, St Joachim, Ruscom Station, Blytheswood)

PO Box 250,
Comber, Ontario
N0P 1J0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 672. In West Tilbury T., Essex C., on Hwy 77 & C. Rds. 8 & 46, 46 km. SE of Windsor.
  • The community had its beginnings in the 1840s when a post office was opened about 3 km. E of the present site of the village. John Gracey, the fIrst postmster, named Comber after his hometown in County Down, Ireland.

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Comber, Phone : (519) 687-2832

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Off the beaten track:
  • Haycroft, 6km
  • Staples, 8km
  • Stoney Point/Pointe-aux-Roches, 8km
  • St. Joachim, 8km
  • Oakland, 10km
  • Ruscom Station, 8km
  • St. Joachim Station, 9km
  • Deerbrook, 9km
  • Goldsmith, 12km
  • Byrnedale, 10km
  • Windfall, Wheatley area, 11km
  • Tilbury, 10km
  • Albuna, 13km
  • Tilbury Station, 11km
  • Mount Carmel, Kingsville area, 15km
  • Wigle, 15km
  • Jeannettes Creek, 14km
  • North Woodslee, 14km
  • Wheatley, 17km
  • Quinn, 14km
  • South Woodslee, 14km
  • Bradley, Tilbury area, 17km
  • Renwick, 16km
  • Holiday Harbour, 19km
  • Olinda, 19km
  • Erie Curve, 21km
  • Jeannette, 17km
  • Elmdale, 22km
  • Cherry Lane Estates, 22km
  • Seacliffe, 22km
  • Ruthven, 22km
  • Mitchell's Bay, 21km
  • Valetta, 18km
  • Bagnall, 20km
  • Union, Leamington area, 23km
  • Stevenson, 20km
  • North Ridge, 20km
  • Puce, 20km
  • Marentette Beach, 27km
  • Pleasant Park, 20km
  • Prairie Siding, 23km
  • Klondyke, 24km
  • Glenwood, Tilbury area, 22km
  • Linden Beach, 29km
  • Elford, 26km
  • Ringold, 26km
  • Elmstead, 25km
  • Pike Creek, 26km
  • Pain Court, 28km
  • New California, 29km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Lake St. Clair, 19km
  • Sanctuary Pond, 28km
  • Bush Pond, 28km
  • West Cranberry Pond, 28km
  • East Cranberry Pond, 29km
  • Lake Pond, 30km
  • Club House Pond, 29km
  • Girardin Pond, 30km
  • Goose Lake, 30km
  • Round Pond, 31km
  • Snooks Lake, 31km
  • South Pond, 30km
  • Redhead Pond, 31km
  • Goose Lake, 33km
  • Stub Lake, 33km
  • Lake Henry, 45km
  • Fox Lagoon, 56km
  • International Lake, 48km
  • Lake Chipican, 87km
  • The Mill Pond, 81km
  • Bell's Pond, 120km
  • Union Pond, 124km
  • Lake Erie, 120km
  • Sanders Pond, 126km
  • Pinafore Lake, 127km
  • The Cove, 134km
  • Walkers Pond, 136km
  • Westminster Ponds, 136km
  • Pond Mills, 137km
  • Tennants Pond, 138km
  • Morrison Lake, 155km
  • White's Pond, 137km
  • Fanshawe Lake, 146km
  • Springwater Pond, 138km
  • Foster Ponds, 144km
  • Beattie Pond, 145km
  • Tricks Pond, 170km
  • Mill Pond, 148km
  • Mud Lakes, 147km
  • Lake Whittaker, 152km
  • Sunova Lake, 166km
  • Mud Lake, 159km
  • Spring Lake, 159km
  • Wildwood Lake, 169km
  • Harrington Pond, 171km
  • Centreville Pond, 167km
  • Embro Pond, 171km
  • Lake Lisgar, 166km
  • St. Josephs Lake, 167km
  • Mud Lake, 202km