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Phone : (807) 938-6867
Your Host(s) : Wabigoon Lake Community Store

Dinorwic, ON (Nearby: Wabigoon, Dryden, Oxdrift, Hudson, Migisi Sahgaigan)

Site 112 PO Box # 24,
Dinorwic, Ontario
P0V 1P0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 293. In Southworth T., Kenom Dist., at the narrows between L. Dinorwic and Wabigoon L. and on Hwys 17 & 72, 28 km. SE of Dryden.
  • The community was established in 1897 by Church of England minister Rev. George Prewer.
  • The name was given by Supt. William White of the CPR. It was taken from the Cree and means 'white feather.' The post office was established in 1897.

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Dinorwic, Phone : (807) 938-6867

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  • Dyment, 15km
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  • Two Mile Corner, 29km
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  • Sam Lake, 56km
  • Kejick Bay, 68km
  • Niddrie, 55km
  • Thaddeus, 68km
  • Sioux Lookout, 61km
  • Butler, 55km
  • Osaquan, 59km
  • Morgan, 62km
  • Gunne, 59km
  • Waldhof, 59km
  • Superior Junction, 68km
  • Alcona, Sioux Lookout area, 68km
  • Lash, 67km
  • Red Lake Road, 70km
  • Zarn, 71km
  • Vermilion Bay, 68km
  • Perrault Falls, 87km
  • Glenorchy, Fort Frances area, 104km
  • Turtle, 104km
  • Olive, 104km
  • Horse Collar Junction, 106km
  • Wabaskang, 94km
  • Crilly, 106km
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  • Farrington, 105km
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  • Old Mine Centre, 111km
  • Rosnel, 83km
  • Edison, 75km
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