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Phone : (705) 268-2751
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Timmins

Timmins, ON (Nearby: South Porcupine, Schumacher, Porcupine, Connaught, Porquis Junction)

140 Second Ave,
Timmins, Ontario
P4N 1E9

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northeastern Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 468. Part of the City of Timmins, Cochrane Dist., on Hwy 101,4 km. E of Timmins.
  • The station on the Timiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway line was called Dome Mills until 1936 when the name was changed to Dome.
  • The name derives from Dome Mines ofthe Porcupine Dist.

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Dome, Phone : (705) 268-2751

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Off the beaten track:
  • Dome, 0km
  • Dome Extension, 1km
  • Preston East, 1km
  • Finntown, 3km
  • South Porcupine, 3km
  • Connaught Hill, 3km
  • Buffalo-Ankerite, 3km
  • Gold Centre, 3km
  • Aunor, 4km
  • Schumacher, 4km
  • Delnite, 5km
  • Porcupine, 6km
  • Pottsville, 6km
  • Golden City, 7km
  • Melrose Gardens, 9km
  • Hallnor, 9km
  • Broulan Reef, 9km
  • Mountjoy, 9km
  • Pamour, 11km
  • Hoyle, 16km
  • Hill's Landing, 16km
  • Keyson, 17km
  • Dugwal, 21km
  • Wawaitin Falls, 23km
  • Night Hawk Centre, 24km
  • Barbers Bay, 30km
  • The Cache, 33km
  • McIntosh Springs, Iroquois Falls area, 34km
  • Kamiskotia, 32km
  • Fielding, 34km
  • Lower Sturgeon, 43km
  • Alexo, 39km
  • Kilburn, 40km
  • Porquis Junction, 43km
  • Welsh, Iroquois Falls area, 43km
  • Nellie Lake, 47km
  • Wings, 46km
  • Kelso, Iroquois Falls area, 44km
  • Devonshire, 50km
  • Tunis, 51km
  • Berylvale, 58km
  • Potter, 53km
  • Shillington, 42km
  • Onagon, 49km
  • Downard, 62km
  • Nahma, 65km
  • Val Gagn√©, 48km
  • Ansonville, 52km
  • Frederick, 70km
  • Montrock, 53km
Nearby Lakes:
  • Simpson Lake, 2km
  • Edwards Lake, 2km
  • Boyd Lake, 5km
  • McDonald Lake, 4km
  • Pearl Lake, 4km
  • Porcupine Lake, 5km
  • Charlebois Lake, 6km
  • Bell Lake, 7km
  • McKay Lake, 7km
  • Skynner Lake, 6km
  • Gillies Lake, 6km
  • Shallow Lake, 6km
  • Flynn Lake, 9km
  • Bob's Lake, 8km
  • Wealthy Lakes, 9km
  • Cook Lake, 10km
  • Reid Lake, 9km
  • Gold Lake, 11km
  • Perch Lake, 8km
  • Meadow Lake, 9km
  • Cowboy Lake, 8km
  • Goose Lake, 8km
  • Miller Lake, 8km
  • Galore Lake, 11km
  • Little Goose Lake, 13km
  • Murphy Lake, 13km
  • Beaver Lake, 13km
  • Smith Lake, 10km
  • Rota Lake, 16km
  • Three Nations Lake, 12km
  • Bigwater Lake, 17km
  • Clear Lake, 17km
  • Jen Lake, 18km
  • Noted Lake, 18km
  • Glass Lake, 19km
  • Grassy Lake, 16km
  • Bouchard Lake, 19km
  • Duck Lake, 20km
  • Gowanmarsh Lake, 20km
  • Feldman Lake, 21km
  • Baker Lake, 15km
  • Cook's Lake, 15km
  • Papakomeka Lake, 22km
  • Deep Lake, 16km
  • Hope Lake, 17km
  • Dubroy Lake, 16km
  • Horseshoe Lake, 16km
  • Waterhen Lake, 16km
  • Potvin Lake, 18km
  • Hopkins Lake, 24km