Phone : (519) 678-3631
Your Host(s) : Kennedy's Grocery

Duart, ON (Nearby: Muirkirk, Highgate, Rodney, Morpeth, Ridgetown)

General Delivery
Duart, Ontario
N0L 1H0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Southwestern

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 121. In Oxford T, Kent C. on C. Rd. 121,44 km NE of Chatham.
  • T. A. McLean was the first settler in 1829 and built a steam sawmill. In 1857 he named the post office after Duart Castle on the Island of Mull in Scotland's Inner Hebrides, home of his ancestors.

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Duart, Phone : (519) 678-3631

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Jeff Atkinson on 07-Feb-17
I grew up in Duart. My parents still live there. Kennedy's store has been closed for over 20 years. The other store/post office has also been closed for a very long time. Same for both churches and the community hall. This is a bedroom community now and the cemetery is the only going concern.

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