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Township of Dubreuilville (Single Tier Algoma)

Phone : (705) 884-1435
Your Host(s) : Dubreuilville Tourist Info

Dubreuilville, ON (Nearby: Hawk Junction, Missanabie, Langton, White River, Oba)

PO Box 39,
Dubreuilville, Ontario
P0S 1B0

Ontario Tourism Region : Northcentral Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 961. In Finan T., Algoma Dist., on Hwy 519 and the Algoma Central Railway, 100 km N of Wawa.
  • The community was founded in the early 1900s by Dubreuil Brothers Ltd., a lumbering company started by four brothers from Quebec.
  • The post office was opened in 1954 as Magpie Mine but was renamed Dubreuilville in 1961 after the company that founded the settlement.

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Natural Resources Canada in the District of Algoma.

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Township of Dubreuilville (Single Tier Algoma), Phone : (705) 884-1435

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