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Municipality of Ear Falls (Single Tier Kenora)

Phone : (807) 222-3209
Your Host(s) : Ear Falls Library

Ear Falls, ON (Nearby: Perrault Falls, Camp Robinson, Balmertown, Red Lake, Cochenour)

50 Balsam Ave.,
Ear Falls, Ontario
P0V 1T0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 1,824. In Patricia Portion of Kenora Dist. on the NW shore of Lac Seul and the English R. and Hwy 105 & 804, 87 km. N of Vermilion Bay on Hwy 17.
  • The community was developed in the late 1920s as the site of a large hydroelectric generating station. When gold was discovered in the Red Lake region in 1925, the Ear Falls area became the transportation hub of northwestern Ontario.
  • Hudson was the closest connecting point from the CPR. Freight was transported by scows from Hudson to a place called Goldpines, immediately east of Ear Falls.
  • Here it was loaded onto larger scows and taken to the Red Lake area. In sununer the scows, carrying up to 80 tons (81.28 tonnes) of freight, were pulled by boats.
  • In winter, tractor trains pulled by horses, and later by Caterpillars, hauled goods over the frozen lakes to their destination. In 1948 the highway was completed to Ear Falls, and the post office was established. Ear Falls is known as Bald Eagle Capital.
  • The town's name is believed derived from a waterfall ledge shaped like a huge human ear, and the First Nations Peoples' belief that the falls were listening to what they were discussing. An earlier Ojibwa name was Otak Powitik.

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Municipality of Ear Falls (Single Tier Kenora), Phone : (807) 222-3209

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