Phone : (613) 821-3737
Your Host(s) : Yorks Corners Gas Station

Edwards, ON (Nearby: Carlsbad Springs, Metcalfe, Navan, Kenmore, Ramsayville)

8999 Regional Rd # 6,
Edwards, Ontario
K0A 1V0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Ottawa and Countryside

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 43. In Reg. of Ottawa-Carleton on C. Rd. 8,21 km SE of Ottawa. It is believed William Cameron Edwards (1844-1921) is the man honoured by this place name given in 1901.
  • Edwards was a lumberman, MP for Russell 1887 -1903 and a senator until his death.

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Edwards, Phone : (613) 821-3737

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Ken McOuatt on 05-Jan-12
The New York Central Railway with a station and siding and telegraph operator were here until the tracks were torn up in the 50's . The post Office has been in the same family since around 1900 and is probably the longest same family run in Canada . There is a city run park and an Orange Lodge and now there is a solar farm at Parkway and Yorks Corners roads .

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