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Phone : (519) 527-0031
Your Host(s) : Canada Post Seaforth

Seaforth, ON (Nearby: Egmondville, Brucefield, Staffa, Kippen, Dublin)

52 Main N.
Seaforth, Ontario
N0K 1W0

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Ontario Tourism Region : Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington

Description From Owner:
  • Pop. 673. In Tuckersmith T., Huron C., on the BayfIeld R. and at the junction of C. Rds. 3 and 12, 40 km NW of Stratford.
  • After service in the Napoleonic Wars, Col. Anthony Van Egmond, a Dutchman, came to Upper Canada and built the Huron Rd. from Guelph to Goderich for the Canada Company.
  • . He settled in Huron C. in 1828 and became a major landowner in the Huron Tract.
  • The Canada Company built a dam and mill just east of Egmondville in 1833 to promote settlement and promised Van Egmond a 200-acre site for a school and a church for the new settlement.
  • Van Egmond proceeded at his own expense to clear the land, built the school and hired a schoolmaster. Between 60 and 100 families moved to the area, but the Canada Company refused to give Van Egmond the land he had been promised.
  • Van Egmond then stood, unsuccessfully, as a Reform candidate for election to the provincial legislature in 1835.
  • He then became a strong supporter of William Lyon Mackenzie and led the rebel forces in the skirmish at Montgomery's Tavern in 1837. He was imprisoned in Toronto and died while awaiting trial.
  • Van Egmond' s son Constant owned a grist mill, flour mill and distillery and had the largest house in the community.
  • He served as the village magistrate and since there was no jail, he had the cellar windows of his house barred and housed prisoners there.

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